What I’m Reading This Morning..

I’m unwinding from a busy week of clinicals and trying to NOT lose my mind obsessing about my performance on my comprehensive exams that were a week ago. I’m told by the faculty that we should expect to hear results within two weeks, so I have another week to brew over whether or not I passed.


Here’s some news that crossed my screen this morning:

Do you drink milk? Do you like the ‘Rock’ (the actor and former professional wrestler DeWayne Johnson)? Well he’s in a new commercial that pokes fun at him, his recent career and … well… milk.


It was cute, thought I’d share.




GoDaddy makes a nerd’s dream come true. Apparently GoDaddy’s new Super Bowl commercial ad is gonna make many of the pock-protector fiend’s out there swoon. You’ll love who the actor is playing the nerd. Jesse has 
GOT to be the most popular type-casted nerd EVAH.

Supermodel Nerd Kiss!!




I’m a bit obsessed with all things bit.ly. The URL shortening service had/has gotten a facelift that includes something they call bit marks. A way of tracking the links you share. I’m liking the j.mp shortening option as well as going back and viewing what I’ve shared, and how much it has been re-shared. It definitely gives you some insight as to what your friends/followers are reading and what they may find interesting. Just cool in my book.

I also like the bookmark feature as well as the FireFox add-on you can use for sharing links.

For a SoMe geek like me, I’m liking this new toy. And while I’m sure this is NOT new by any means, it’s new for me.



  2012 NP & PA Salary Survey Results

Unlike the falling salary numbers of 2011, nurse practitioners and physician assistants have regained momentum, reporting increased salaries and hourly wages across the board. In 2012, one profession made significant gains over last year’s wages.

The 2012 National Salary Survey of NPs & PAs found that the average full-time salary for PAs increased more than $7,000. NP salaries rose by less than half that amount, with an increase of about $2,500.

 This is great news for someone like me entering this profession. I must say, while money is not and was not the motivating factor to advance my degree, it sure makes the ride worthwhile.



 I’ve decided to stick my nose back into ALLNURSES.COM. I can remember frequently visiting this site when I first entered the profession. I thought I’d dip my foot back into the pool. Some of my motivation stems from the great conversation that has been brewing over at our new Google+ community Nurse+. Come take a look!





Finally, great news for all the married men and women out there:

Marriage May Cut Heart Attack Risk for Both Spouses

Marriage appears to reduce the risk of heart attacks for both men and women, according to researchers in Finland.

Other studies have shown that being single or living alone increases the risk for developing and dying from heart disease. Many of these studies, however, were only among men, the researchers said, while this new study includes both sexes.

I didn’t actual read the study for its merit or validity, but the headline caught my attention nonetheless. Heh heh.


Have a great day folks. I plan on doing a whole lotta’ nuttin’. 

Your thoughts....? I'd love to hear from ya!

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