Your price tag

It’s an interesting metaphysically-based yet philosophically important debate. What is one’s life worth? Better yet, let’s just cut to the chase, what is your life worth?

“an amount of a commodity equivalent to a specified sum of money.”

I for one love these debates, and thought-provoking challenge questions because of the cold-hard truth of the answer we’re seeking. There really is no right OR wrong answer. One could argue, defend and rationalize their individual notions on the subject with their own amazingly prophetic reasoning based on science or religion or heck even personal experience.

But in the end, no one is right. Aaaand no one is wrong.

I think it’s all about your attitude towards the thought. Your attitude or your feelings (maybe). When this question is posed to you personally how do you react? How do you think it through? What feelings and emotions get stirred up down in your belly (where the FIRE burns)?

And then when you’ve chewed on the question for a bit of time do you still have the same answer you started with?

Most don’t.

Let’s complicate things even more. I bet if your younger self was asked this question (pick an age.. any age) you’d get a different reaction and a different answer. I’m willing to gamble and say if you picked any age other than your current year, you might find a different way of navigating through this puzzle.

I know for sure that my 10 year old self had a different view on life than my 12 year old self. Or when I was 15, 18, 21, 25, 30, 33, or 35. Oh just for thoroughness, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that my navigation through this wonderful postulate would be different just a year ago.

Why is that?

The human condition is a funny thing. It’s the sum of its parts, but not exclusive to its parts. Each time you accumulate a new milestone or experience it affects your past, present and future in some way, shape or form.

Throw into that melting pot where you were raised geographically, who raised you, how big was your household and things start to get mucky. Some ‘experts’ would also argue that your traditions, your religion and your heritage will further muddle the path to your answer.

So (in the above video) it makes complete sense (in my humble opinion) that ‘the man’ (those who have a death grip on your financial livelihood) and his cohorts can’t agree on a final price tag (I’m sure there’s a movie plot in there somewhere…).

Things that make ya go ……

Reference: How Much Is Your Life Worth? – YouTube.

One thought on “Your price tag

  1. I loved that video—it’s very interesting how life is valued differently according to different people (and at different times). The fallback should always be, “Life is beyond value,” but that doesn’t solve problems related to healthcare…

    There was a very interesting article on RadioLab (or, Freakonomics, maybe?) about how donated blood is bought and sold by hospitals. Turns out that’s a big business! Who knew.

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