Is it really the coffee??

New $7 Cup of Coffee at Starbucks – YouTube.

I just finished having a nice chat with a great friend over a cup of  coffee. We seem to pick a new place each time we have our coffee talks. Which I find oh so interesting.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur by any means. I’m a ‘coffee person’ but I’m just a black cup of coffee kind of guy. I add some sugar substitute, but nothing more. No mocha-latte-chocho-skim-frappe with or without cream. Just a hot cup o’joe.

I’ve tried many types of coffee. I’ve tried the expensive stuff. I’ve tried the down-right cheaper than dirt stuff. Aannd I’ve sipped on many of the middle of the road concoctions. And quite honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with the coffee. I mean, really. In the end, don’t we all ‘doctor up’ our cup o’joe to our liking anyway?

Here’s my point.

Maybe it’s really not about the coffee, or the coffee shop, or the barista or the particular store chain flavor of your choice. Maybe it’s about the conversation? Maybe it’s about the company?



2 thoughts on “Is it really the coffee??

  1. Hi Sean,
    I agree; it is about the conversation in a coffee shop that makes the experience rich. Hence, we are probably willing to spend more for the coffee or tea and not mind it so much (or least not too much).

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