Being a new Nurse in the ICU is a tad bit mind-boggling and overwhelming.

Have you heard of the “deer in headlights” analogy before? That panic-stricken pale-faced zombie that has a hard time stringing the word “T-H-E” together. Yes, that level of fear.

The ICU was scary enough when we were students; now shit just got real. You got hired on as a staff Nurse. You’re going to have to learn how to be one of “them.”

I mean it’s one thing to rotate through the ICU as a student. But now you actually have to transition from student Nurse to graduate Nurse!

The good news? It’s survivable. In fact, it’s dare-I-say exciting!!! You’re exactly where you want to be. Aside from actually learning how to do the job you were hired for, I thought I might give you a couple of super-easy pointers to help you exchange oxygen a lil’ easier on your first day (or first several weeks).

*Hint: “exchange oxygen = breathing”; you’re gonna wanna do that often

Here are some suggestions you can use on day one that might help ease your transition:

  1. Get a (small) notebook.
  2. Brush up on your Math skills.
  3. Work on that ‘thick set of skin.’
  4. Critical care resource books.
  5. Get comfy with the Mechanical Ventilator.

Check out the video below.

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