About Sean

I am a Registered Nurse Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and a former Certified Athletic Trainer.

This blog is my way of sharing my adventures as a nurse, conveying a sense of better health, while attaining strength.

This blog is mostly used to be mostly about nursing. Now I blog about me and my life, which is more than just nursing. I recently found a love for CrossFit, so expect me to blog about it. If you feel like listening to some arbitrary rhetoric mashed up with some interesting info regarding world news, health care and everything nursing, please feel free to sit a spell.

Did I mention I have been known to blog about my CrossFit adventures as well?

Facts about Me:

  • I shave my head, have been for over 10 years.
  • I do Crossfit.
  • Yes, I  shave my head every day.
  • Yes, sunblock is my best friend.
  • Yes, the avatar is really me.
  • I have three tattoo’s (lookin’ for a 4th).
  • I am a CCRN certified nurse.
  • I love the beach.
  • The warmer the weather, the better.
  • I love my BlackBerry Curve Storm Tour Storm 2 Droid X iPhone 4 iPhone4S.
  • I’m a Mac fan-boy (after my first purchase in 2012).
  • I have a very large scar across my neck that reminds me how precious life really is.
  • I am a former Jar Head – Hoo Rah Devil Dog.
  • I’ve worked in Critical Care all my nursing career.
  • I work in a Level 1 Trauma ICU a PACU Critical Care.
  • Nursing is my second career.
  • I am pursuing my BSN  am pursuing studies am an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Graduate Degree).
  • I am a former Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).
  • I’m married to the most awesome woman, who is also a nurse.
  • We have 2 crazy cats.
  • I am a movie junkie.
  • I have participated in a Podcast, and another Podcast recently.
  • I am slowly becoming a Twitter-addict.
  • Facebook used to be  just as addicting.
  • I’m loving Google+ more and more.
  • I am extremely passionate about being a nurse and the nursing field.
  • I blog as the Male Nurse Blogger Seasoned Nurse Blogger for Scrubs – The Nurses Guide To Good Living.
  • I guest post occasionally for Hive Health Media.
  • I eat Paleo (90% of the time).
  • I’m on used to be on Tumblr. I’ve also posted a quick collage of my weight loss progress over the years here.


The views and opinions of this blog are not intended to influence and or suggest any particular type of medical practice or medical management of one’s health. Identity of health care parties and privacy of health care information is protected and maintained as a professional responsibility.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you.

Hop on over to my contact page or follow this link: Contact Me

(Please do not leave comments below)

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