All Nurses go from over achiever to survivalist



At some point in our career we make the switch from wanting to get the very best grade …. to delivering the very best care.

We transition from:

“What grade did I get on the exam?”


“DID I PASS?!” Did I FREAKIN’ pass…? (All I want is a passing grade. Seriously)

Passing means I move on to the next stage of my schooling (or career). Most of us are ‘Type A’ personalities. So overachieving is in our DNA… but…

This Nursing stuff…. it’s kinda hard? (someone could have warned us. seriously)

We learn over the course of time that the grades matter only as a scholastic grade, nothing more .. nothing less. We soon figure out that the best grades do NOT guarantee the best care provided to the patient.

Remember this:
Just because you are an ‘A’ student, it doesn’t make you a good Nurse.
Just because you are a ‘C’ student, it doesn’t make you a bad Nurse.

Oh, and the last time I checked… the results of the NCLEX exam? Yeah, it’s pass or fail… not a percentage.

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