Big news about me. Closing a door and losing an old friend.


Big changes for me and my social media life. As of yesterday my relationship with Scrubs Magazine was officially terminated. I am no longer a part of the magazine and I no longer am a part of the Scrubs Beat YouTube channel that was created over a year ago.

The Sean Dent Show that was part of Scrubs Beat will cease to continue.

It’s a weird feeling. I’ve been involved with Scrubs Magazine since its creation back in 2009. Full-time blogger for them up until last year when I took on the YouTube show. The past year I continued to blog for them on a part-time basis. All of which has now run its course.

Let’s just call it …..

creative differences“?

I won’t speak negatively about my former contracted employer. I will admit I’m not too happy about it. And I’ll just leave it at that. No need to look back, I’m not going that way.

I learned a lot about me and my blogging over the past 6 years with them. I’ve developed some good habits and skills. Heck at some point someone called me a columnist. I guess it’s time to own the title.

The videos were another animal. I was starting to get the hang of it. I was starting to get used to seeing me and my face on the screen. I just might keep doing it with my own channel.

The arduous task now is cleaning out my closet, figuratively speaking. I now have to painstakingly go through all my social media sites to correct and/or edit my links, my descriptions and cited works.

[yep, I’m feelin’ a bit salty about this whole thing… sorry… personal feelings are creeping in]

I’ll continue to blog, that will never change. I’m a blogger. Always have been, always will be.

The other challenge I have is my Facebook Fan Page:

screenshotOver 1500 fans?! Which is freakin awesome. Do I keep up the page? Do I slowly let it fade away? What do I do with all the fans?

Hmm.. decisions, decisions.

I want to keep it going. I’m having fun with it, and heck I’ve met so many amazing, friendly and witty fans/nurses. The big question will be to what capacity. It was always tied to Scrubs Beat with the videos of course. (by the way.. yes I’ll be changing the cover photo)

Lots of changes going on.

Anyone know of any sponsors looking for an Acute Nurse Practitioner who is an experienced blogger?

[heh heh]

2015-07-01 13.31.37