Hard work is paying off. A very proud coach.

Very proud of the hard work this young man is putting in. Every week he raises the level of his game, and it’s paying off.

Part 1: Walking into training toady thinking it was going to be my routine planned cycle. Coach @sean_dent decides to tell me once I walk in "your maxing out today"… After a long 4 days with work, lack of sleep, miles of stress… I took all that built up tension and was able to PR both of my lifts! Hitting a 118kg/260lbs Snatch (15lb PR) and a 152kg/335lbs Clean & Jerk (13lb PR) … Brining my total to a nee PR at 270kgs! Don't think for a second this climb is close to being over. #Weightlifting #212DOFBarbellClub #USAW #Nationals #AmericanOpen #CrossfitFBO #embracethegrind #SISU #IronEmpireClothing #DrugFreeStrength #LiveTheLion @sean_dent @sethstunna12 @ms1m0nsays @josh_hoffman28 @ironempireclothing @drugfreestrength

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In less than 2 months my athlete who qualified for Nationals and the American Open (during the Arnold Weightlifting Championships) has added 20 kilograms to his weightlifting total. No small feat at all, especially at this level.

And he has a ton of room to grow. I’m very excited to see how the next 3 months play out before we head to Dallas, TX.


Love The Haters

There will be haters, doubters and non-believers. And there will be you proving them wrong -Anon

If you are pleasing 100% of the people, you’re doing something wrong. In your life pursuits, you will inevitably piss someone off. Congratulations. You stood for something. You made a choice. You maintained a stance. You weren’t swayed by the opinion of others.


You need haters. You need the non-believers. You need the doubters.

* * *

Why, you ask?

Fuel for the fire. Motivation. To prove them wrong. To show them it can be done. To prove to yourself that the only person that really matters is you. The best test of your own mettle is plugging forward when its nothing but an uphill battle. Nothing worthwhile was ever easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Get hit hard and keep moving.


Thank you to all the haters, the past, the present and those who haven’t met me. It’s because of you that I keep pushing forward. I aim to make a difference while I’m here.



35 Kilograms in one Year

screenshotI started weightlifting as a full-time endeavor in December 2013. I increased my total by 35 kilos (that’s 77lbs)  over the course of this past year and I’m still growing as an athlete.

Yep, the first year was all about refining my technique and just learning how to use my body. It was also time for me to unlearn many bad habits. I’m feeling more and more comfortable with each lift each time I pick up the barbell. I hit a few snags along the way getting sidelined with a nasty hip injury for almost 3 months as well as battling through a couple illnesses and of course life gets in the way sometimes. But, all excuses aside. I’m still making improvements.

Here I am hitting a #205 Snatch.

My goal is to get as close to 100 kg (220lbs) as possible. I think with a little work, I could hit 100kg by the end of the year. Barring I can stay healthy and injury free.

Not too shabby for starting this journey late in life.

Now I have to focus more on my Clean & Jerk next.