Every day is an opportunity

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Every day that you walk into the gym or the box you have an opportunity to redefine yourself. Good or bad, your yesterday does not define who you are today. “Today” is a fresh start; “today” is your day, IF you decide to take it, and make it yours.

via Lift Big Eat Big: Today I Had The Worst Squat Session Of My Life….

I had ‘one of those days’ last week. Everything was just ‘off’. I enjoyed this article because it did NOT focus on the misery of failing, or even the act of failing. Instead it focused on how to learn from a ‘bad day’. How to take those ‘lemons’ and figure out how to make your ‘lemonade’ (yep, it’s rudimentary, but it works).

We aren’t defined by how we act when things are going right and we’re on top of the world, we’re defined by how we act when the sky is falling in ‘our world’.

Just another opportunity to be better than yesterday. Accept it. Learn from it. Prevent it from happening again. It’s that simple.

Get. Back. Up. Period.

Bones. Yep, they can brake

I’m not much of an MMA fan. Heck, I think I know two, maybe three of the top athletes. But when something like this streams across your screen…


Yeah. Hard to ignore.

I was equally sickened and enthralled all at the same time. What can I say. I’m a Nurse Practitioner and a former Athletic Trainer.

Did anyone else leg hurt after you saw that lower leg flappin’ in the wind??

If you’re feeling ‘lucky’ take a look at some of the links Google produced about this horr-ridiculous injury :

Google’s stuff

And they say CrossFit is dangerous. ;)

Reference: http://www.reddit.com/r/gif/comments/1txbff/anderson_silva_suffers_broken_leg_at_ufc_168/

Running and The Winter Season

Well, winter is in full swing in my neck of the woods. Temps are in the 20-40 degree range and we’ve gotten smacked with snow numerous times, sometimes as much as 8 inches over night. We’ve had the nasty dangerous mix of rain, sleet, snow & ice (all within a 36-hour time frame).

So I’m charged with trying to figure out how I’m supposed to improve my running skills with this type of erratic outdoor weather. The last time I planned to go for a run after work I almost broke my ankle WALKING to my car. Needless to say, I didn’t go for that run.

I’ve been debating on getting the bare-bones cheap globo-gym membership so that I can utilize their treadmills. Of course my CrossFit gym has no treadmills or any machines for that matter, so I’m trying to find solutions to my problem.

Here’s the thing. My pocketbook is only so deep. Paying a membership so I can run on treadmill??


That would mean I’d have no excuses. We all know how much I hate running, but if I’m paying for a membership I will have no choice in the matter. I’ll HAVE to go. (queue my sarcastic sigh)

Then there’s this problem:


I’d hate to be THAT guy.

How does your dignity recover from that one?? Whew.

Image source: URqvo4P.gif (GIF Image, 400 × 208 pixels).

Running | Embrace The Suck

Well, operation embrace the suck has begun. I worked the weekend, and both days I went for a run after my shift. My running coach and good friend clued me in on a nice lil bike trail a skip away from my place of work that was super convenient.

It’s a 1.5+ mile stretch one way that is smack dab on the bayfront. So not only is it right next to where I work, but the view ain’t too shabby, let me tell you.

The next time I make the run, I’ll stop to snap some pics. I got to run right at sunset. Seeing the clouds and the sun come off the water was just beautiful. Made the run that much more worthwhile.

I also jumped on the iPhone app bandwagon and downloaded the Nike+ Run App. It’s pretty effin’ cool. Everything from verbal feedback cues on your run, GPS mapping, distance ticking and of course the ability to share all the juicy details of your run on social media.

I got lost on the first night looking for the trail next to the water, but ended up finding an additional trail. So I have two separate trails I can run right smack-dab next to work.

Hopefully I can keep it up. I’m trying really hard to learn how to run better, run more efficiently and to ultimately suck a lil less.

Image source: EMBRACE THE SUCK CrossFit necklace silver with by 321GoStuff.

Half. Way. There…

Hector panting tired from running coloring page

Shift 5/8 today. Getting close…

Lil tired though.

Did my first run after my shift last night, so I’m a lil sore and tire after a pseudo-5K. Not to mention sleep evaded me last night.



I promised myself I would start running.. to fix how bad I run. My running sucks, and I want it not to suck. So one step at a time.

I discovered I really like the Nike+ running app though…

Image Source: http://www.oncoloring.com/dragon-hunters-coloring-pages.html

Can you say sore?

DOMS meme 2Yesterday was my first day back to training and woah…

I HAD to pick Squat Monday as my first workout after a week off, didn’t I??

Needless to say it’s taking me a lil while to get moving..err… to get moving properly. Limping out of bed and down the stairs made me look really cool this morning, let me tell ya. ;)

D.O.M.S. is no joke. While today really sucks, I know for a fact that tomorrow I’m gonna feel even worse. And to put icing on the cake, tomorrow is my first of 8 straight days at work.

Yeah me?!

Image Source: DOMS – ‘No Pain, No Gain’… Really?

How do you define beauty?

I wonder…..


Letting Beauty Speak Up Itself – YouTube.

While I am of  course a tad biased with my thoughts on this video, it do makes you wonder. Has the emergence of CrossFit and it’s skyrocketing popularity helped change our thoughts on beauty? (maybe even just a lil’)

The new saying: ‘Strong is the new skinny’ has some roots in my ever-growing CrossFit community. There is definite strength in beauty, but that doesn’t mean I think that muscularly-fit women are the benchmark for beauty.

I think this video hits the nail on the head when it refers to beauty and confidence. CrossFit has given many the opportunity to find their confidence in many forms – one of which is physical strength and sculpted aesthetics.

From a fellow CrossFit member:

Great video. Best line of the video: at 4:19, “yeah I can do that, maybe not as fast or as much, but, I can do that, puts you head and shoulders above the majority of the human population” Maybe that’s where the “ego” from Crossfit comes from. Lol


I wonder…

The Day I Should Have Died | Happy Re-birthday To Me

I consider myself a pretty luck man. Heck, I’d call myself blessed. I know the value of my life and continually appreciate it, no matter how ‘tough’ things may get. Today is my re-birthday. 12 years ago on September 15, 2001 I was given a wonderful gift. I had someone attempt to take my life away from me.

I’ll admit it. Before that fateful day, I was just as jaded, jagged and miserable as many other human beings who occupy this earth are. I was always pissed off at the world. I continually wanted to know when the universe would stop shitting on me. I bitched at everything and everyone. My temper roller-coastered like it was my full-time job. I had your typical bad luck, bad girlfriends, bad relationships, bad jobs, etc, etc. Yeah, I was a miserable ole cuss. I can’t say ‘positivity’ was part of my repertoire. I was going nowhere fast, and I just couldn’t seem to get a leg up. I was simply treading water.

Then someone tried to kill me. I blogged about it in 2008 on this very blog (hard to believe). Let me tell you a story (that I wrote many moons ago)…

It’s been 7 years.

This time of the year always has a special place in most of America’s hearts. September 11, 2001 is a date none of us will soon forget. It changed the face of our nation and impacted our world in a way none of us could have ever imagined. Emily (crzegrl) shared here views of how it impacted her.

At the risk of diminishing or making that day any less than it really was. This time of the year has a very different meaning for me. I do remember September 11th. I do remember what I was doing that day. I do remember how I felt and how the world around me changed. But it’s not what is in the forefront of my mind.

September 15, 2001

My Re-Birthday.

It’s been 7 years.

It was a Saturday. (Yes I remember it that well)

There was a time in my life when I was not active in healthcare (It was a short time). I had stepped away from the healthcare setting and returned to my career in retail. Retail had helped pay my way through college, and then it was the way to put food on the table after college was over. My career in healthcare wasn’t paying the bills, and retail was a better option (at the time).

It was a typical Saturday night. I was one of the midnight managers on duty. Part of my responsibility as a manager was to hold the night-shift meeting with the over-night employees.

This particular night we decided to have an open forum concerning the difficulties people may or may not be having with the current state of affairs. The terrorists attacks were affecting everyone, and we wanted to let our employees know we cared.

I can’t say I remember how it happened.

I can’t say I was prepared for it.

It happened in time ‘slices’.

I was talking with the over-night group of employees. It was me in front of approximately 20 others. Half-way through the meeting and in mid-sentence I can vaguely remember an ‘itching’ or ‘biting’ feeling on my neck.


It wasn’t anything out the ordinary. I chalked it up to one of the bodily aches or pains I have no explanation for. (Like when I get a shooting pain in my finger that comes a goes in a matter of 7 seconds)

It got more quiet. It was like I could only hear the fans of the air conditioning running. I guess the only way to explain it… is things seemed to slow down.. immensely. Like the slo-mo option on a VCR/DVD player.

I don’t know what happened next. Or should I say I don’t know which came first. The banshee-like shrieking screams or the shadow of a person coming out of my left peripheral vision. All I know is that it was a startling moment.

The Scream.

The Shadow.

And I reflexively look to my left.

I remember saying to my self, “Hmm, why is Jane (we’ll call her Jane for identity purposes) standing so close to me. She should be sitting out in the crowd with the rest of the group.”

She’s now advancing towards me. “What is she doing?”

Her left arm is raised in the air. I think she’s going to take a swing at me. So out of reflex, I block her left arm. I block her arm with my R arm and grab her swinging arm with my L hand. Then I grasp her swinging arm with both hands.

I can’t quite figure out why she’s trying to hit me?

Another handful of screams.

Through the tussle and wrestling of her arm I realize my hand is full of blood??? In fact I have blood on both my hands?

“OK. Who’s blood is this?”, I blurt out with a sense of sarcasm.

… ??

More screams.

… ??

Wait a minute.

What’s that in Jane’s hand?

Is that..?

No way.

Wholly SH#T. Jane has a knife in her hand.

“The blood is YOURS! She cut your throat. Your bleeding from your neck!!!!!!”, a voice from the crowd cries out hysterically.

Now, I’m no idiot. I know the inner workings of the human body. I’m pretty well versed in what anatomical structures are located in the neck.

I know I’m still breathing. I’m not chocking. Not having any trouble moving air.


At the same time Jane is tackled by a single employee from behind. Then another, then another. And then more. It takes close to 5 people to get her down.

I put my hand on my neck.. and sure enough … nothing but blood.

Yep. It’s a true story. I was attacked from behind with a swiss army knife by an employee of mine, in front of approximately 20 people. She sliced my neck almost from ear to ear.

Here are the finer points of the story:

- she used a very dull and old swiss army knife

- she did not use the blade side of the knife and drag it across my neck to cut me. She used the knife in a stabbing motion and scraped the tip of the knife across the length of my neck

- she never spent a night in jail. She had a psychiatric evaluation. Her medications were adjusted. And that’s the last thing I was told (Please don’t ask.. I don’t know what the heck happen concerning her lawful conviction)

- Yes, I have a Keloid scar that has taken 7 yrs to slowly diminish on my neck. (The intent of the ED physician was to use the smallest/thinnest suture possible so to NOT leave a scar, and it did the exact opposite)

-The only entertaining piece of all this was that when the 911 call was made. All the EMS arrived expecting to see a decapitated man. And I mean ALL of the EMS. For the small town I was in, I think I counted 4 Ambulances and 6 marked Police and 2 unmarked Police cars.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that day. It changed my life. We always whine and complain about some of the most ridiculous things in life that seem so very important at the time. Everything from being late for work, being stuck in traffic, having to wait in line in the grocery store, having a poor wait staff wait on you at the restaurant, or having to sit in coach for a 4hr flight… the list is endless. Everyone hates having a bad day.

I touched on my theory about life and how bad your day really was here.

I’m not perfect. I do have stress in my life. I do have those ‘Pull out your hair’ moments and those “all i wanna do is scream” moments. But I’m always grounded and reminded by my profession and by my past that maybe you and/or I not having THAT bad of a day.

September 15th is my Re-Birthday. I was given a second chance at life. For some strange reason, I survived that incident. I will never know why. I questioned it for a long time, and never got the answer I wanted until I realized there was no answer. I’m here. I’m staying here. I’m not going anywhere. And while I’m here, I’m making the most of my stay.

Here’s what scares me sometimes when I think about my attack.

As an employee for the retail store I worked for, each employee is issued a box cutter. The only reason I’m still here is because Jane had bad aim, and a dull swiss army knife.

What if she would have used the box cutter instead of her swiss army knife?


I don’t have bad days anymore.

Carpe Diem

Via Happy Re-Birthday To Me | My Strong Medicine

At the beginning of this summer we moved to a new city. With the move came new friends. When my face was still new, I had a friend comment on my ‘positivity’ and being ‘always happy’. I told her there was a story behind my obsessive passion for being happy, but that I’d it to her later. I plan on sharing this post with her (Thanks Allison).

This is the reason I’m always positive. Why I greet every morning with my “Gewwwwwwd morning”. I get to be here another day. 

Many great things have happened to me since that scary day.

I became a Registered Nurse, I met and married my soul mate, and most recently started working as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, a job I’m loving more and more each day.

I’m not too sure where I’d be today had I not gone ‘under the knife’ so-to-speak. I can admit that I wouldn’t have the abundance of happiness I possess now. What I do know is that I took a tragic, frightening and possibly life-paralyzing event and turned it into something positive. Positive for me, and hopefully positive for anyone who’s around me.

This might sound a bit cliche’… or it might sound a bit phony.. but I needed someone to try and steal my most prize possession (my life) for me to truly appreciate its merit. And for that, I couldn’t be happier.