Every day is an opportunity

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Every day that you walk into the gym or the box you have an opportunity to redefine yourself. Good or bad, your yesterday does not define who you are today. “Today” is a fresh start; “today” is your day, IF you decide to take it, and make it yours.

via Lift Big Eat Big: Today I Had The Worst Squat Session Of My Life….

I had ‘one of those days’ last week. Everything was just ‘off’. I enjoyed this article because it did NOT focus on the misery of failing, or even the act of failing. Instead it focused on how to learn from a ‘bad day’. How to take those ‘lemons’ and figure out how to make your ‘lemonade’ (yep, it’s rudimentary, but it works).

We aren’t defined by how we act when things are going right and we’re on top of the world, we’re defined by how we act when the sky is falling in ‘our world’.

Just another opportunity to be better than yesterday. Accept it. Learn from it. Prevent it from happening again. It’s that simple.

Get. Back. Up. Period.

When pets are your children

I’ve decided that I don’t like being a parent. A parent to a 4-legged child that is. OK. Maybe ‘don’t like‘ is a strong statement. More like, I don’t like it when my ‘child’ is sick.

Helpless does not come close to describing how you feel.

One of our cats fell deathly ill over the past several days. After numerous trips to the Vet, endless exams, and frequent diagnostic studies it was felt that surgery was her only option of recovery. So our poor little feline underwent an exploratory laparotomy.

I won’t give the gory details of the procedure or the findings… but the truth of the matter is I never knew how much I needed that darn cat until the very real possibility of her not being around surfaced. Now all I can do is hope that she recovers.

My wife, the infamous cat lady herself, is stressed. This cat is HER baby.


I need my couch buddy back….

Breathe it in… if you can

Gif of the Day: Smoker's Lungs vs. Non-Smoker's Lungs

If you’ve been around my blog before, I’ve jumped on my pedestal once or twice about how much I am against smoking. If you haven’t, consider yourself warned. Both personally and professionally I emphatically do not approve of this filthy, disgusting and EXTREMELY unhealthy habit (I did mention my distaste didn’t I?)

There is nothing positive about smoking. Nah-thing. I’d be boring you if I started spouting off all the evidence-based research that supports how BAD smoking is for your health and the health of others around you. Google it.

The above GIF just supports everything there is to know about smoking. Look at the color of the lungs. Yes, black lungs are bad. Look at the size of the lungs as they inflate. Yes, you guessed it smaller inflation is bad.

Just think about how much your body has to work in overtime just to breathe, both at rest and while active. Just to breathe. I mean, breathing is not something we take lightly is it? You don’t need to breath efficiently do you?

I mean if you want to smoke, by all means go for it. Just remember, your body will probably not like it much in the end.

Reference: Gif of the Day: Smoker’s Lungs vs. Non-Smoker’s Lungs – Cheezburger.

Bones. Yep, they can brake

I’m not much of an MMA fan. Heck, I think I know two, maybe three of the top athletes. But when something like this streams across your screen…


Yeah. Hard to ignore.

I was equally sickened and enthralled all at the same time. What can I say. I’m a Nurse Practitioner and a former Athletic Trainer.

Did anyone else leg hurt after you saw that lower leg flappin’ in the wind??

If you’re feeling ‘lucky’ take a look at some of the links Google produced about this horr-ridiculous injury :

Google’s stuff

And they say CrossFit is dangerous. ;)

Reference: http://www.reddit.com/r/gif/comments/1txbff/anderson_silva_suffers_broken_leg_at_ufc_168/

Your price tag

It’s an interesting metaphysically-based yet philosophically important debate. What is one’s life worth? Better yet, let’s just cut to the chase, what is your life worth?

“an amount of a commodity equivalent to a specified sum of money.”

I for one love these debates, and thought-provoking challenge questions because of the cold-hard truth of the answer we’re seeking. There really is no right OR wrong answer. One could argue, defend and rationalize their individual notions on the subject with their own amazingly prophetic reasoning based on science or religion or heck even personal experience.

But in the end, no one is right. Aaaand no one is wrong.

I think it’s all about your attitude towards the thought. Your attitude or your feelings (maybe). When this question is posed to you personally how do you react? How do you think it through? What feelings and emotions get stirred up down in your belly (where the FIRE burns)?

And then when you’ve chewed on the question for a bit of time do you still have the same answer you started with?

Most don’t.

Let’s complicate things even more. I bet if your younger self was asked this question (pick an age.. any age) you’d get a different reaction and a different answer. I’m willing to gamble and say if you picked any age other than your current year, you might find a different way of navigating through this puzzle.

I know for sure that my 10 year old self had a different view on life than my 12 year old self. Or when I was 15, 18, 21, 25, 30, 33, or 35. Oh just for thoroughness, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that my navigation through this wonderful postulate would be different just a year ago.

Why is that?

The human condition is a funny thing. It’s the sum of its parts, but not exclusive to its parts. Each time you accumulate a new milestone or experience it affects your past, present and future in some way, shape or form.

Throw into that melting pot where you were raised geographically, who raised you, how big was your household and things start to get mucky. Some ‘experts’ would also argue that your traditions, your religion and your heritage will further muddle the path to your answer.

So (in the above video) it makes complete sense (in my humble opinion) that ‘the man’ (those who have a death grip on your financial livelihood) and his cohorts can’t agree on a final price tag (I’m sure there’s a movie plot in there somewhere…).

Things that make ya go ……

Reference: How Much Is Your Life Worth? – YouTube.

Fear of the unknown

Emotional correctness.

Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. It’s one of our inaleinable rights. These opinions are what make us as a whole. But what about those who don’t agree with your opinions? How do you explain and/or defend your own opinions and beliefs when they are challenged? I mean if you’re entitled to yours, then they are entitled to theirs.

How are your debating skills? Do you stick to the facts? Do you get offended easily? Do you  disagree or simply argue? Do you look for common ground, or just want to be right? Can you refute another opinion without demeaning or degrading it?

The art of navigating through a debate is a learned and exhaustive skill that most of us do not do well. We spend too much time labeling a person instead of understanding a person. Instead of explaining and interpreting we become stand-offish and defensive.

To this day we allow the fear to control our actions. To control our reactions. The fear of the unknown. The fear of something different. The fear of something new. Those who are good at debating / negotiating / LISTENING have mastered the art of this fear. They have control of their emotions.

Sally Kohn: Let’s try emotional correctness | Video on TED.com.

Coffee and Nursing..


I really would expect the Nursing profession to be the profession who consumes the most coffee. 13th?? Maybe it’s a biased opinion? I for one KNOW I drink an abusive amount of coffee. I actually am afraid to count and calculate just how much coffee I truly drink during one day.

My total ounces consumed can be skewed. It’s a vice of opportunity. I drink coffee when I open my eyes, I drink it on the commute to work and then I drink an insane amount while on the job.

Buuuuuuuut, I also can down a pot o’ coffee without blinking an eye when I’m at home and not at work.

I like the taste. I like the smell. Heck there isn’t much about coffee I don’t like! I think my coffee drinking has taken the place of my mindless eating in front of the television. Now I mindlessly drink cup after caffeinated-cup sitting in front of my Mac. Sometimes I’m productive, like writing blog posts, or researching material for future post. While other times I’m aimlessly hopscotching and web surfing the vast array of social media hot spots.

I know I’m addicted to it. I just can’t decide if I’m addicted to the ‘concept’ of my cup o’ joe, or am I truly addicted to the caffeine response? I can go without coffee and not get the run-down headachey feelin’, but I truly just want to taste the stuff.

Yep. I know. I’m sick.

So, any-hoo. Back to the infographic. I’m having a hard time grasping the concept and accepting the fact that  there are nurses out there who don’t drink coffee. Period. Like none at all??!!!

I think my heart just stopped a lil’.

Excuse me while I go make another pot. ;)

Which profession drinks the most coffee? – I Love Coffee.

Movember. A No Go Mo

And just like that, Movember is over. I started the month like a rocket being launched into outer space, but quickly faded to an eventual stall.

Somewhere along the line my heartfelt intentions lost out to my face’s discomfort. I had to look back, but the last time I posted a Mo pic of the day was November 14th, and the last blog post about Movember was on November 8th.

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Yep. Major fail.

Apparently even as a  40 year old I have too much of a baby face (LOL). That first shave of my face hurt like no other. The following 7 days were grueling. My face was irritated, I broke out with weird pre-pubescent acne. Not to mention that after almost 2 weeks, you could barely tell I had a MOustache (Goat-tee in my case).


While I still supported the movement as much as possible, I just couldn’t pull off the moustache. Ahh well, I gave it a try.


#Movember | Day 8

Wholly carp. Really? It’s been over a week already? Time flies when you’re fighting the good fight.

I’m still waiting for my nod..

I’m told that my Mo looks more ‘real’ in person, my pictures really don’t tell a good tale.

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