Progress can only be made when you show up

Shift 6 of 9 in a row finished up today. I (literally) dragged my butt to the gym to siphon what energy I had left into a workout. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. I really just wanted to go home and collapse on the couch.

3 more to go….

But who’s counting?

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Pleasantly confused?

😫😯 Had a long night at work glad it's over. 😊 #work #nightshifts #nursingproblems

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There is the confused patient.


Then, there is the pleasantly confused patient.

As a nurse, these two patient’s make for two VERY different days on shift.

‘Nuff said.

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Nurses: Changing your first ostomy bag

You want me to do what?

They did what do someone’s colon?

A what? A stoma? I don’t know what that is, but it doesn’t sound good.

I remember looking at the appliance thinking to myself… ‘that does not look right’. I mean there was an orifice where there shouldn’t be one! (my apologies to all the brave folks out there who live with an ostomy, forgive me. I was very naive)

I started at the stoma within the appliance. Then I stared at the stoma and the bag….


Wait a minute… why does that bag look like it’s going to explode? Isn’t there you-know-what in that bag? And you want me to disconnect that thing?!


And that smell!? Oh man, oh man, oh man.

I was just like everyone else. I remember the hot mess I made trying to change my first ostomy bag. Wow. It wasn’t pretty. In fact… If memory serves me right… I had to ‘change’ the bag three times before I stopped making a bigger mess than the time before.

I mean …. Stool. Was. Everywhere. I lost count on how many times I apologized to that patient. This is one of those skills they do NOT teach you in nursing school.

The best piece of advice I can give every nurse out there… is to pin down your in-house wound care nurse and have them show you the ropes. They have magic hands, they really do.

As for the throwing up part… (see pic above)

You might wanna master the art of the mouth breathe….

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I am a procrastinating shopper

I always wait until the last minute to shop for gifts. This year was no exception. I did all my shopping in one single day.

I’ve refined my procrastination technique over the years. At least now a days I have a plan before I actually leave the house. Before I would wander around the Mall aimlessly for an entire day. (Yes I was one of THOSE guys)

#photooftheday #flower 7 days til Xmas!

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7 more days until Christmas!!


I am a creature of habit

2013-12-14 19.07.20Today I had a finite amount of time to squeeze in a workout due to scheduling. My schedule opened up last minute and I had a window of time to fit in a workout.

The problem I have is I’ve become so set in my ways when it comes to my workout that I don’t know how to act or move when my time is limited. You see, I tend to spend a lot of time warming up. Some say I spend too much time (OK, most would say it). I’ve admitted on more than one occasion that mobility is my crutch. I mobilize every part of my body, every time I step into the gym.

Well today was the first day I didn’t. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes warming up with stretching, mobility and flexibility. I spent 7 whole minutes mobilizing what felt tight and jumping right into movement specific warm-ups with the barbell before adding the weight and diving into my workout.

I was nervous and quite honestly convinced that I wouldn’t be able to complete the workout due to time, or due to inability from not being ‘properly warmed up’.

I was pleasantly proven wrong. I got through my workout with time to spare! Talk about being released from the mobility shackles!!! Heh heh

Chalk this up to a lesson learned… I can survive on minimal time warming up. There is still hope for this 40+ body.


I’ve never been a ‘bling’ wearing type of nurse…

Maybe because I’m a guy? Or maybe because I don’t have bling in my personal life outside of my career? Not sure.

I’ve just never been drawn to the cool gadgets as a nurse. And after my years of working in Trauma as well as Critical Care, I don’t wear a lanyard to hold my name badge. I avoid them all together.

(One of the few exceptions when I wore a lanyard to support a good cause)

Most patients in Trauma and/or Critical Care have a grabby-grab talent with a kung-fu grip. When they get a hold of something, they grasp it with a death grip. One too many times I’ve been ‘hung’ with a lanyard.

Can you imagine a confused/crazy/not-too-nice patient getting a hold of your lanyard. Talk about no escape?!

Oh, and don’t let those ‘quick-release’ lanyards fool you into a false sense of security. Trust me.

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Cat owners, don’t waste your money

If you own a cat you’ve probably already figured out this very important nugget of information regarding cats and their toys.

Don’t buy them.

Don’t waste your money on pricey cool toys. Don’t waste your money on cheap cute toys. Just stick to what is available in your house. For instance, save every box you have:

2014-12-06 21.07.28

Good grief do they love boxes.

Oh… and shoe laces.