The Tattoo-to-pain ratio?

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If you’ve been a Nurse for a hot-minute, then you know all about this urban legend fact. We’re referring to a patient’s level of pain tolerance. The number of tattoos is inversely related to their level of pain tolerance..?

More tattoos = lower pain tolerance

And then these same patients who go under ‘the needle’ to etch the ink on their dermis are the ones who claim to be “afraid of needles”


Did I mention I’m a tattooed Nurse?

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Teach me how to Periscope

I’m learnin’ how to ‘scope.

Although I seem to be doing a pretty horrible job thus far. My first Periscope the other day had 6 visitors… and the one I did today… uh I think there was one.

On both occasions I could not see the visitors commenting.. which was the whole point of hosting the darn Periscope in the first place. I either hit the wrong button.. or didn’t hit the correct button.

What can I say.. I’m a work in progress.

Maybe someone could teach me how to Periscope? Find me and school me please:


Please ignore the full frontal in the second periscope there. I guess it’s like everything else we do.. you really stink at it in the beginning.

Or.. maybe I’m all alone here?

Regardless…. I’ll try it again. Come join the conversation… or watch the train wreck…. either way it should be fun… right?


I guess I need to bathe more often


Isn’t it amazing how quick we are to hand out advice, but when we need to follow our own words it’s like trying to swallow a basketball.

I pride myself on being positive. I share daily positive quotes, attack life with moxie as well as mentor and coach others on finding  the silver lining in their darkest of days.

I mean, in 2001 I was a heart beat away from dying after being attacked and having my neck sliced with a knife (true story). So I know how lucky I am.

Yet, I’ve been dragging my bottom lip all over the floor of my house ever since I returned from my vacation in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve been so deep in the dumps that this stupid knee injury has overshadowed the beautiful weather and great time I had with my family.

All I’ve been thinking about is the  shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.

Well, it’s my turn to stiffen my lip, stop wallowing in my self-inflicted, self-absorbed self-pity and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Time to MTFU and start practicing what I preach.

I’m injured, not dead. Time to conquer this obstacle just like all the others. Time to prove to myself that I really am this positive all the time. I know I’ve been frustrated with the medical management hoop-jumping, but in reality I was seen, evaluated and diagnosed in lightening fashion.

I guess I’m human….. with this whole pity party (don’t let that get out).

Time to own my feelings, and start working towards recovery.

Alright 2016, #bringit

Following my own advice: “3 words of 2016” blog post: Unapologetic, Acknowledge, and Drive.