…. me working a NOC shift…

I’m not even working a REAL NOC shift… but a pseudo-midnight type shift.. and I’m already stressed about it. I don’t do well staying up late. Period.The last time I stayed up past midnight… whew.. it was not pretty.
Wish me luck this weekend. I’m trying another twilight shift at work.
I may end up trying the whole coffee IV thing…
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School Daze. Nursing school. What’s a hopper ?

This one time… in nursing school…

I swear we can’t make this stuff up. As a new nursing student the picture below sparked many stories. Did you know that when that shower arm extending over the toilet is positioned vertically, the water automatically shuts off? Well, it sure wasn’t common knowledge to a green-behind the ears new nursing student who had never stepped foot into a hospital prior to his clinical rotations.


I thought I’d chat about on Scrubs Beat…

School Days. What’s a hopper ? – Episode 9 – The Sean Dent Show – YouTube.

Image source: http://i.imgur.com/nIlvUXZ.jpg

Life should be lived in comfortable clothing

I’ve decided that I’m pretty darn lucky. I get to wear comfortable clothing in both my personal and professional lives. Now, don’t get me wrong, ‘comfortable clothing’ is definitely up for interpretation. But, lets be honest here, would the majority of the population honestly admit that wearing a suit or professional dress be the most comfortable clothing?

I’ve lived in the world of, “I can’t wait to get home to get into my ‘comfies”.

Well, now I ‘work’ in my comfies.. so to say. Heh heh.

I’m a Nurse Practitioner who works at a hospital, in the ICU. My professional garb is scrubs and maybe a lab coat.

2014-07-10 09.17.46*UPDATE*:

I happen to see this pic on allnurses.com. How befitting?


The majority of my time spent outside of my profession is spent within the walls of my CrossFit world. Yes, a gym. So I workout and/or I coach CrossFit (including weightlifting). So, yeah, gym clothing.

2013-11-25 13.30.38

Yep. Pretty darn lucky.


Image source: http://allnurses.com/about-nursing-student/scrubs-in-school-940807.html