New events on the horizon. Did I mention I have my very own YouTube Show??

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!  We celebrated by taking a road trip to Chicago. Yours truly is finally taking his CrossFit Level 1 Certification course. Here are a couple pics from our road trip:



Other exciting news?

Oh, yeah… I have my very own YouTube show. Me and another nurse will have weekly videos featuring everything nursing. Real nurse. Real talk.

You may have heard or even seen this other nurse. Her name is Katie Duke. Ever heard of her? Ever heard of that reality TV series on ABC called NYMed?’

Yeah. She’s that nurse.


Our YouTube channel is called scrubsBeat. It may sound a bit familiar. This channel is partnered with the folks over at Scrubs Magazine, where I’ve been blogging for the past several years.

Here are some videos to get you started.

Here’s my premiere video:

And don’t forget to have a look-see at Katie’s video:

Be sure to visit our channel and subscribe!!!!!


So. The Sean Dent Show. Ever heard of Scrubs Beat on YouTube?

So, this one time I got asked if I’d be interested in video blogging. And I accepted the invitation.

Here’s a sneak peak for what’s in store. Stay tuned for the first episode on Wednesday, July 2nd at 10 am Pacific/1pm Eastern and then a new show every Wednesday at that same time. Be sure to subscribe to the Scrubs Beat YouTube channel, that way you won’t miss watching me (and Katie Duke) talk frank and honest about the  ‘real’ world of nursing.

Did I happen to mention seeing me on video is really weird?

I’ll hope you’ll tune in this week.

Help spread the word about National Nurses Week. Hashtag #iamanurse

The people over at HRSA have a great idea: Tweet/update why being a nurse is awesome and tag it #iamanurse. I thought I’d spread the word. Everything that I find this week related to being a nurse I’m tagging #iamanurse. Care to join me?

via Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).


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Who Are You?

Best Pre Workout Speech of All-Time By Mark Bell “Who Are You?” CLEAN VERSION – YouTube.

I parallel a lot of contrasting things in my life. The drive I have to succeed as a Nurse Practitioner is seeded and found in the very same spot that drives me to succeed physically in CrossFit and now as a Weightlifter. That courage, that gumption, moxie, willingness to suffer, perseverance to take another step is all the same. Whether in academic, professional or physical pursuits, the will to keep moving forward is the same.

I am a firm believer in the idea that our genuine character is revealed during our darkest hours. How do you perform, how do you act, react and navigate your way through hell?

How well do you dance in the rain?

Who are you when no one else is around? What energy moves you from point A to point B on your journey? Who are you? Really. Who are you really?

This ‘pre-workout’ speech by Mark Bell is so simplistic but amazingly cathartic. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time and follow him from a distance. While I may not have any interest in the sport of Power Lifting, I am interested in learning from those who have something to teach. Success comes in many forms, and I’m wanting and willing to learn where, when and from whomever I can.

It’s time for a Gut Check