The #1 reason why Nurse residency programs are important

The #1 reason why Nurse residency programs are important

There is a known learning gap between what they teach you in Nursing school… and what you actually do as a practicing Nurse.

The old adage of “What they don’t teach you in Nursing school” can make the transition from student to professional very challenging, so there are programs that have been created to help lessen that burden.

As most Nurses are well aware the best way to master a skill is to gain experience at actually doing the skill.  These residency programs do just that. Sometimes called ‘internships’ or ‘externships’, nurse residency programs are out to bridge that gap… or at least shorten the distance between school and practice.

Types of residency programs:

  1. Summer internship
  2. Externships

The goal of these programs is to gain experience and sharpen your clinical skills. You literally “walk the walk” of a Nurse. You get your hands dirty.

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