Random thoughts after a long shift

I’m trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera (phone)…

Just some random thoughts as I make it half-way through my work week.


My Father my Hero

Happy Father’s Day Dad



Happy Father’s Day Dad. This was an old post as well as a copy of an email I sent my father for Father’s Day years ago now. I feel inclined to share it every year, since it speaks volumes about how lucky I was and am to have this man as my Father.


  • How to pull his finger
  • How to appreciate everything I have or own
  • How to look something up in a dictionary
  • How to box
  • How to hit a baseball.. By practicing with a ping-pong ball.
  • How to fish
  • How to hunt…. And how not to scratch my cornea on a tree twig
  • How not to slide down the windshield of a car!
  • How to do backwards math
  • How to stick up for myself
  • How to have self-reliance
  • To be accountable for my actions
  • How NOT to play with a Rubik’s race.
  • How to moon your family on Christmas morning
  • To reap what I sow
  • How drinking alcohol is not all it’s cracked up to be… especially the morning after.
  • How to be independent
  • How to trust and be trust worthy
  • Learn the difference between what is good and what is right.
  • How to be humble.
  • How to never take anything or anyone for granted
  • What it means to be a friend
  • How to install a water heater
  • How to treat others
  • How to be yourself, not someone else
  • The difference between arrogance and courage.
  • How to never give up, and never quit
  • How to kill a raccoon in your attic with a compound bow.
  • How to feel safe
  • How to install a garbage disposal
  • How to change the oil in my car
  • How to install a car radio
  • How to properly install a new light switch
  • How to understand and appreciate your family lineage
  • How to appreciate where you came from

My father taught me that we all get one chance to make our mark on this world, and if there is anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

I am the man I am today because my father cared enough to teach me how to BE a man.

He taught me how to become a man and he still teaches me every time I see him or talk to him on how to be a better man.

Everything that is good in me, is a direct result from the man who calls himself my father.

Chance favors the prepared mind, and my father never wanted me to be ill prepared.

Thanks dad for being you.

I am proud to say you are my father, and I brag about being your son.

Image Source: fotothing.com

Putting fingers to the keyboard…

2014-04-04 11.29.06

That’s my weak analogous attempt at the age old idiom “taking pen to paper”. Now a-days most of us ‘type’ instead of ‘write’.

But I digress…

I’m a horrible blogger. I have all these topics I want to blog about, but I have no motivation to actually take my fingers to the keyboard and type. We could call it laziness I guess? I mean I’m by no means staring endlessly at the computer screen. It’s just the opposite. Life has gotten a bit busy for me.  My (sort of) new job is thriving,I have no complaints at all in that department. I’m settling in nicely to my new career as an ACNP. I couldn’t be happier with that decision as well as the specific position I chose. I consider that series of events and choices to be one of the best and luckiest thing that has happened to me and my career thus far. I can foolishly say I wish I would have done this from the start, but then I wouldn’t be in this exact position and point would I?

My time has been occupied most recently by my passion for exercise. CrossFit has been a major part of my life (for the past handful of years), but ever since we made the move to the new town and my leap into the ‘real’ world of CrossFit when I joined a CrossFit gym (box) my life has been catapulted into a new an exciting world.

I’ve gone from the ‘new guy’ in the gym to becoming a member of  the coaching staff. I’ve gone from doing CrossFit and having a closet passion for (Olympic) weightlifting to being a competitive weightlifter who occasionally does CrossFit!

I’m now the go-to coach for all things mobility at my gym. I’m pursuing weightlifting full-time with two USAW sanctioned weightlifting competitions under my belt. And I occasionally do CrossFit when time permits.

It’s weird. It’s exciting. It’s challenging and amazingly gratifying. It’s also spending a lot of time away from the computer screen and keyboard. My blogging has stalled a bit, but I’m trying to fix that.

The side-effect to all of this is that my blog has been A LOT less of nursing and a lot more of exercise. My challenge and preference is that I prefer not to blog too much about me and my adventures as a new Acute Care NP. My new career requires a great deal of professionalism, privacy and respect for my colleagues as well as my patients. So my normal off-the-cuff humor and scuttlebutt conversations I used to blog about have been all but eliminated. As an NP there are many, many, many topics of debate out there and I choose not to address them here on my personal blog. Everything from NP’s lobbying for independent practice to the ever-so polarized conversation about ‘Obama-care’ interests and intrigues me, but most of the internet conversations have not been productive, so I choose to not have that part of my blog.

All that being said, my blog will stay as random as ever, with the majority of my thoughts being about weightlifting and CrossFit. I’m still interested in blogging about nursing topics, but after 7+ years of blogging about nursing…. that well just might have dried up. Who knows….


So. Yeah. My birthday was pretty awesome.

41 years young. That’s right. Forty-One-years-young.

I can honestly say, I’m in a better place both mentally, physically and emotionally than age 31. Does everyone who makes it over that ‘hill’ feel that way??

Whew.. I can remember when ‘over the hill’ (in my mind) meant eminent death. Or at least death was on the horizon. Boy was I wrong. I’m in better health in my 40’s than my 30’s.

My entire day was pretty awesome. It didn’t involve any breath-taking adventures or weekend journey’s. What it DID involve was spending my day… my way.  I wanted to be with the people that enrich my life. That included my beautiful wife and everyone at my CrossFit Box.

My morning started off with this:

I then made a pretty significant PR during my training session. I’m always happy when I get to spend time at the Bar..-bell.

Then I got to spend some awesome time with my CrossFit FBO family for a Team WOD:

After the team WOD, I spent some one-on-one quality time with a small group of athletes working on mobility.  One of them even made me gluten-free birthday brownies! (they tasted divine)

I wrapped up my day by taking a traditional ‘old man’ afternoon nap. My beautiful wife and I rented a movie and ordered Pizza. (My father claims this is the first sign of old age… Pizza for your birthday… heh heh)

I spent the evening hanging out with my love and our crazee cats.

I woke up. I got to train. I got to coach. I got to spend time with my Angel of a wife. I got to relax and breathe in my wonderful life.

My perfect birthday.


My week Instagram’d

I’m putting in a full 7 day work week this week, today is 6 of 7. The CrossFit Games Open is in full effect at our gym, so here are some highlights of my past week told via Instagram:

Oh. and Daylight Saving Time is tomorrow!!!!! Helllloooohhhhhh sunlight!!!!!



For the love of that beautifully brewed beverage – Coffee

For the Love of Coffee – YouTube.

While my love for coffee is unquestionable, I always find my sense of humor when it comes to the coffee connoisseurs of the world. The ‘hoighty-toighty’ urban dwellers that spend more time sipping the darn stuff and categorizing this fine beverage instead of enjoying it.

Take for instance Kopi Luwak brand coffee:

“…is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, selling for between US$100 and $600 per pound in 2010″

Yet, guess how this ‘fine brew’ is made:

“refers to the beans of coffee berries once they have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet (a cat)”

That’s right folks, the most expensive and supposedly the best tasting coffee is made from the excrement of wild cats.

I do have to wonder how good that coffee tastes? Now if you’ll excuse me, my coffee mug needs a refill.

Our HOLIDAZE entertainment

My wife and I are huge fans of “everything” Cirque de Soleil. A couple years ago we got a pair tickets to one of their shows at a discount… and we’ve been hooked ever since. I believe this will be our fourth show in the past 4 years? And we already have another pair of tickets for a show in the Spring.

Yep. We’re hooked.

This particular show has a ‘Holiday’ .. ergo… ‘Christmas-like’ theme so it should be pretty cool.

CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE « Cirque Productions.