Upcoming Podcast interview discussing professional development and Con Ed #FOANed


It’s been a busy week for me. I booked another interview guest! Wes is a Clinical Nurse Educator of Emergency Services in a busy inner city Emergency Department. He’s been a nurse just over two and half years.

He reached out to me and wanted to talk about continuing education in our profession (sometimes referred to as ‘Con Ed’). He’s passionate about professional development and wanted to share his insight with others.

You can find him on Twitter actively involved in both the #FOAMed movement on Twitter and its sister resources #FOANed.

If you’re interested in Free Open-Access Education then be sure to follow both of those hashtags.


Wes requested that his identity remained psuedo-anonymous so we’ll be prerecording his interview by phone (instead of video) with a to-be-determined podcast release date (stay tuned).

Any pressing questions you want me to ask Wes about continuing education or specialty certifications?

Wes graduated with my BSN in Spring of 2013 and will start Nurse Anesthesia school in August 2016.

Check him out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSNGraduate2013



Upcoming Podcast interview: Jon Haws RN CCRN, founder of NRSNG.com!


Jon is the founder of NRSNG.com, a website dedicated to teaching nursing students how to succeed with study materials he offers that is easily consumable and readily available.

I found Jon on Twitter and his popular Podcast. After some common interactions on multiple social media websites I realized Jon is a hot commodity!

I am opening the playbook to nursing school and providing easy to understand materials, cheat sheets, and study tools to help you reach your goal of RN.

Check out Jon on the web through some of his social media accounts and stay tuned for his interview!

Do you have any burning questions you’d like me to ask Jon? Drop me a message.





Jon will be on The Change of Shift Podcast on Monday January 25th so stay tuned for some serious knowledge bombs.

Join the live conversation at 2pm EST : https://blab.im/sean-dent-interview-jon-haws-rn-ccrn-founder-of-nrsng-com-the-change-of-shift-podcast




The Change of Shift (blog carnival) | Volume 7 Episode 1 January 2016

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Welcome to the Change of Shift (blog carnival). The first edition of 2016!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Change of Shift is (or was) or are not familiar with a Blog Carnival please check out the following link:

The (revived) Change of Shift: Nursing blog carnival

The reborn Change of Shift includes posts beyond just the blog article. Find a comfy seat, put on your reading glasses and sit back and relax. Welcome to the Change of Shift V7 E1.

Stop. Look. Go.

Ian over at The Nurse Path offers a poignant message concerning how a Nurse might approach the New Year. Do you want to be a better Nurse?

Nursing Rivalry: It Needs To Stop

A great thought provoking post from thatnursingchick. The lateral violence in our profession continues.

Sometimes I feel like there is a lot of title boasting that goes on in nursing. I think that nurses need to get rid of that attitude to provide the best patient care possible. Who cares if you’re a LPN or RN?

Active Shooter Training & Nurses

Patti Turner discusses a very sensitive subject that has been in the news more times than I care to count. When I first read her post I didn’t get the connection as to why Nurses need to  be concerned. Then I read the recommendation from the FBI of “Run. Hide. Fight”:

  • Do not stop to help an injured coworker or friend.
  • Leave the patients behind. Every man for himself.

If you were a Nurse in an active shooter situation, what would you do? Would you “Run. Hide. Fight”?

Gender Disparity in Nursing Part I

Our good friend Beth shares some views on gender disparity in Nursing. A conversation that we had on The Change of Shift Podcast recently. Do men get paid more than women in Nursing?

When Your Patient Starts Crying

Kati, a.k.a. nurseeyeroll, give some needed advice to nurses on how to provide emotional support when your patient cries. Yet another one of those skills they DO NOT teach you in nursing school.

Doctors: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Dr. Val Jones echoes the importance of emotional support by explaining it’s more important how you say something than what you actually say.

How to Stop Being a BAD Test Taker in Nursing School

Anyone suffer from test anxiety?? Well Jon gives you 10 tips to help you squash that problem. Good stuff for any Nursing student over on his website, check him out.

Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 128
OK, just how much blood has to collect in your stomach to cause melanotic stools? I mean who doesn’t love to talk about GI bleeds?

ER Elf 2015
Everyone know about the Elf on the shelf craze during the holidays (if not, ask anyone with young children)? Well Craig shares the adult ER version.. funny stuff. Oh, by the way Craig and I notoriously disagree on most topics we discuss on Twitter.. except for this one time. Not to mention he was a guest on my Podcast recently.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sepsis
ZDoggMD is at it again.


Three Things We Can Learn From Steve Harvey
Everyone heard about the Steve Harvey oopsie during the Miss Universe Pageant?

Brei brings to light 3 important worthy elements everyone should take away from this incident, but more specifically Steve’s actions. I applauded him for being genuine and owning it.

The Top 5 Things They Don’t Teach You
Nurse Jennie gives us 5 more things they didn’t teach you in Nursing school (I know this list keeps growing).



I’m being a tad selfish with this last post for this month’s edition. Check it out.

My 3 words for 2016

I had to share my thoughts on a better version of the traditional New Year’s resolution. What would be your 3 words?

Let’s finish off the edition with some ‘grams:

But did you die? #nurse_life_ #nurseproblems #nurselife

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Another blog carnival comes to a close my friends.

As a reminder: Submit all posts to: thechangeofshift@gmail.com

Have a safe and happy New Year. Until next month… have fun out there!