Does everyone like you… ?


If everyone likes you, you must be doing something wrong. Or so the saying goes.

I posted this on my Facebook Fan Page recently:

Boy oh boy. What a polarizing response. I mean the haters came outta the woodwork on this one.

After a handful of hater comments and hater messages I decided to make a video response:

It’s all in fun. It was for a good laugh. And for the most part, everyone got it. But some didn’t.  [oopsies]

According to many sources, you’re not doing your job if everyone agrees or if everyone likes you. The greatest managers won’t please everyone.

I remember reading somewhere.. something about pleasing everyone means you’re not making a stance, but simply  being a pushover. That you have to pick a side eventually. Walking down the middle of the road will eventually get you hit.

Sure, we’re talking social media habits and hilarity.. but you get my point.

Apparently I’m doing something right.


2015-07-01 13.31.37