Does the health of your healthcare provider matter?

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Have you ever been cared for by someone who smoked cigarettes? Have you ever been cared for by someone who was obviously not healthy? May be they were obese?

Now before you get your panties up in a bunch, I’m referring to those who are severely unhealthy. I’m talking about the healthcare providers who can’t take the stairs because they’re too unhealthy. Remember I said the word “can’t”, I didn’t say won’t.

How do you think a patient feels when their healthcare provider walks into the room and all they can smell  is a dirty ashtray?

How about when a healthcare provider gives the patient education on health maintenance, when they themselves are obese,  or have hypertension?

Once again, I’m referring to those healthcare providers who obviously don’t take care of themselves.

I throw these hot coals on the fire simply to bring the topic to light.  The cornerstone to great patient care is the relationship the patient has with their provider. And I’m talking about all healthcare providers. And I’m talking about all team members on the healthcare team. Not just the physicians. Not just the advanced practice providers. Not just the nurses. Not just the respiratory therapists.   This concept should extend to those who manage us.  This concept extends to anyone at the corporate level. I mean everyone.

Shouldn’t we all practice what we preach?

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Should health care providers practice what they preach?How do patients feel about their health care providers smelling like a dirty ash tray?Will our patients listen to our health education and heed our advice if we can’t do it ourselves?I’m probably hitting a nerve here, but it’s an important and real topic. Remember, I’m talking about the unhealthy, not the mildly overweight. I’m talking about severe obesity, not normal weight gain we all experience as we age.What are you thoughts? Inquiring minds want to know.

Posted by Sean Dent on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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