Does Twitter Think I’m a Nit-Twit?

I swear the automation of a service can sometimes be frustrating. Twitter, while it is a great microblogging tool and social media sharing platform does not come without some serious annoying hiccups.



Spam haunts my email inbox on a daily basis. I don’t think I need to give any gory details on how much you and I love SPAM.

Now with Twitter I’m getting SPAM-Slapped not once, but twice. I’m not only getting the infamous link baiters sending me tweets while I’m on Twitter but they also want me to follow them on Twitter. So I get messages like this in my inbox:


Now clearly this is a NO-DUH type of invite. Look closely at the picture. First of all these type of accounts always have some sort of sex-symbol-like female body-enticing avatar urging you to see more of them. Second, take a look at how many people they are following, and how many people are following them. Just a tad bit obvious with this account. They are following hundreds, but less than a handful are following them? Hmm getting more suspicious.

Finally take a look at their number of updates. Once again in this example it is horribly obvious. This has link-bait written all over it. How can you follow that many people and post less than a handful of updates? Hmm. The plot thickens.

So even after all that if you still choose to check out their official profile:


Are you surprised?

In the time it took me to get the notification email to the time it took me to click on their profile link they acquired an additional follower and followed 80 more people!

That’s super-human! How do they do that????

Maybe because ‘they’ aren’t actually human?

Oh by the way, did you see their ONE update? Amazing huh. Ooo there’s a link!? Maybe we should click it and find out more!?

I wouldn’t if I were you.

Ever heard of viruses? Spam? Malware?

Do yourself a favor, when you see invites from the likes of these Twits, just click the block button. Save yourself time, energy and headaches.

I’m just sayin’

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