Have you ever lost your nurse mojo?

What if you can’t stay motivated as a nursing student? Do you procrastinate? Are you finding it difficult to stay ‘focused’?

I answer another question from the tribe:

#heysean “How do you stay motivated in nursing school?”

You go through all the trouble of applying, interviewing and jumping through all the hoops to actually get admitted to nursing school… and here you are feeling unmotivated.


I never really had a problem with motivation because I always had my “why“. Why did you decide to pursue the career of nursing? Why did you want to become a nurse?

What is your why?

If you can’t answer why you do this job… it won’t matter what happens. Every day will be a constant struggle. This job is tough. Heck, it down right sucks … a lot.

You have to have a strong enough why to subject yourself to everything. Everything. All of it. All of the badness. All of the ugly.

Guess what… you’ll have bad days.

During those dark moments of struggle… you have to remind yourself of your “why“. Especially during the peak “suckage”.

Why did you become a nurse?

For me…

I wanted to improve my world. I wanted a better career. I discovered the potential for opportunities was endless.

I also wanted to impact lives. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to do for someone, what my nurses had done for me when I was a patient in the hospital. I never thought a person could influence a stranger’s life in such a powerful way.

Oh.. I almost forgot.

Nursing school is supposed to suck! I mean seriously? Why should it be easy!? You’re learning to take care of human beings when they are at their worst. How should that be easy?

You have a bad day… people can die. Yep, this job is tough… so learning how to do the job should be equally as challenging.

Oh, and one more thing. While you’re learning how to ‘do’ this job… be sure you’re learning how to “handle the hard”. Keep your emotional bank full.

Emotional bank = is just what it sounds like. It’s your reservoir of emotional resilience. How you “handle the hard” is strongly based on your emotional health.

Make sure you maintain a positive balance in your emotional bank. Balance the positives with the negatives. Make deposits in your emotional bank every single day. Keep depositing so that when something negative happens, it will just knock you off center instead of knocking you down, flat on your face. You’ll be able to recover quickly instead of having it debilitate you.

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