The #1 mistake all Nurses make when giving an enema

The triple H’s:

  • High
  • Hot
  • Helluvalot

Enemas are the bane of a Nurses’ existence (or maybe it was just me?) There is nothing enjoyable about administering an enema. I mean… we’re talking about poo.


It’s one of the few interventions we Nurses perform… where we KNOW ahead of time we’ll regret the outcome. We’re set up for a hot mess (if ya know whaddayamean).

Who in their right mind, as a Nurse, would get excited or happy that we have to perform an intervention that we’re going to have to clean up???

What if I told you, not all enemas are created equal? What if I told you there was a way to give that darn enema without the hassle of the cleanup?

Dare I say… enema’s could be neat and tidy???


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