Feel good Friday..

▶ Michelle Featherstone “I’m There Too” from Peaceful Warrior – YouTube.

I see your footsteps in the sand
As you journey on across this land
But if you should fall on your way
Then I will carry you that day
Cuz I’m there

This song is from one of my favorite books turned movie: The Peaceful Warrior. Aside from how much this movie impacted my life at such a pivotal time in my life, this song reminds me of my wife.

2015-03-30 07.57.59


She’s always been there. Period. Through it all. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. She is the light at the end of every dark tunnel in my life and she’s the mirror to my flame. There’s a reason she’s my everything.

Love you baby girl.

Sidebar: I drafted this post over 7 months ago and just re-discovered it this past week. We’ve had a challenging time since my knee injury and I’m looking at 6-8 weeks of rehab following my knee surgery. So she’s literally carrying me through all of this.