Hard Worker or Just Hard Headed?


Cough! Cough! Cough!


Blllfffffffssssssttttt! (That’s the sound you make blowing your nose if you didn’t know Winking)

Excuse me? Are you sick? Do you have a cold? You don’t have a case of the FLU do you?!


Then what the HELL are you doing at work?! (I’m referencing this to my fellow nurses, but this applies to ANYONE!)

Why do we insist on going in and working when we are sick? I understand we have labeled ‘sick’ with many different levels of severity, but the bottom line is.. uuhh you’re sick.

Now I’m not talking about your typical hay-fever allergy-type runny-nose eye-watering annoyance. I mean sick. You have the body aches. You may or may not have a fever. You’re sneezing your head off. You’re cough so much your face stay a permanent shade of read and your chest and back start to hurt from all the coughing and sneezing.

This type of cold has you getting rid of all those ‘colorful’ secretions through your Kleenex. (Shades of green and yellow ring any bells?) Being truly sick and not playing hooky.

If this is you (and I used to as guilty). Then why in the world do you think going to work is a good idea?

Oh.. I see. You’ll feel guilty for ‘stiffing’ your co-workers with some added ‘work’. You hate being a burden to anyone. You know how it feels when you go to work and there is a call-off. So you hate being the person responsible. I get it.

But just how effective ARE you at work? How sharp is that fogged brain of yours? Is your medicine-head still floating? Oh, I forgot. Still sneezing and coughing in a ridiculous manner? How many times have you washed your hands in between each cough and sneeze? How many fomites have you infected with you germs? (gee I guess you want to spread the wealth?)

Wait, so you went to work to not ‘screw’ your co-workers with a burden…. buuuuut you’re now at work spreading your ‘love’ (germs) so that your co-workers can feel as great as you!

So when you DO get better, given incubation time, transmission type, immune system capabilities, and the simple game of odds, your co-worker will be the one sick! And then they will play it smart and actually call-off! Doh

So who are you really helping here?

Are you still going to work when you’re sick? I don’t.

Carpe Diem