I guess I need to bathe more often


Isn’t it amazing how quick we are to hand out advice, but when we need to follow our own words it’s like trying to swallow a basketball.

I pride myself on being positive. I share daily positive quotes, attack life with moxie as well as mentor and coach others on finding  the silver lining in their darkest of days.

I mean, in 2001 I was a heart beat away from dying after being attacked and having my neck sliced with a knife (true story). So I know how lucky I am.

Yet, I’ve been dragging my bottom lip all over the floor of my house ever since I returned from my vacation in Cancun, Mexico. I’ve been so deep in the dumps that this stupid knee injury has overshadowed the beautiful weather and great time I had with my family.

All I’ve been thinking about is the  shoulda, woulda, coulda’s.

Well, it’s my turn to stiffen my lip, stop wallowing in my self-inflicted, self-absorbed self-pity and stop feeling sorry for myself.

Time to MTFU and start practicing what I preach.

I’m injured, not dead. Time to conquer this obstacle just like all the others. Time to prove to myself that I really am this positive all the time. I know I’ve been frustrated with the medical management hoop-jumping, but in reality I was seen, evaluated and diagnosed in lightening fashion.

I guess I’m human….. with this whole pity party (don’t let that get out).

Time to own my feelings, and start working towards recovery.

Alright 2016, #bringit

Following my own advice: “3 words of 2016” blog post: Unapologetic, Acknowledge, and Drive.