Yeah, yeah… I know.

I know water is pretty much…. life. I know. But I still hate drinking it.

I’ve always hated drinking water. There’s just no excitement in it. I mean… it’s water.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware of its benefits. I know how vitally important it is.  Here’s what I know (and read) about water:

  • 60% of the human body is made up of water
    • the brain and heart are over 70% water
    • lungs > 80% water
    • skin > 60% water
    • muscles and kidneys > 79%
    • even our bones are > 30% water

I also know that we need water for a variety of functions in our body. We need between 2-3L of water for the following:

  • building material for virtually every cell in our body
  • temperature regulation (sweating & respiration)
  • needed to process and metabolize the food we eat (digest and transport)
  • flushes wastes out of our system
  • shock absorber for vital organs (brain & spinal cord)
  • lubricates our joints


I’m a healthcare provider… yep.. I know how important water is to the human body. But I still hate drinking it.

I hate drinking it, but I do it anyway. I admittedly don’t do it enough, but I’m working on it.

I recognize its importance to my health. You see, health has ALWAYS been important to me. Even though my health has not always been optimal, it’s always been important to me.


You see, my overall happiness in my life has always had a direct correlation with my health. Quite simply, when I’m healthy.. I’m happy.

And my health doesn’t live in a vacuum. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs. A LOT. I’ve had intermittent weight gain, bouts of illness, injury and tons of unhealthy habits over the years.

I’ve fought hard with impulsive eating, mindless snacking and borderline depression.

My whole life has been a constant fight to improve my health:

  • I was the fat kid growing up
  • I gained over 65 pounds when I was a Nursing student
  • I remember struggling to walk up a flight of stairs
  • I remember eating McDonald’s McGriddles for breakfast three times a week
  • I remember drinking Mountain Dew like it was water (yes, pun intended)
  • I remember the first time I was told I had borderline Hypertension
  • I was depressed after I injured my knee and had surgery
  • I’ve had to relearn fitness throughout my life

It’s not that I can’t be happy without being healthy… but it sure makes life a lot easier to live doesn’t it?

Being able to participate in the fun recreational activities with family and friends, having enduring energy and of course who doesn’t want to look better in their bathing suit?

I’ve spent most of my life looking for an opportunity to learn to help people find better health. I want others to know the feeling of being healthy. I want others to share the joy of optimal health.

It’s why I became an Athletic Trainer years ago. It’s why I did Personal Training, became a CrossFit trainer, Olympic Weightlifting coach, and of course stepping into my role as a Nurse Practitioner. I wanted to impact lives.

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellbeing, but I haven’t always been perfect at it. But learning and living a health lifestyle is something I’ve always been interested in.

[When I first started my blogging journey a decade ago, I blogged about health]

I’ve always been looking for an opportunity to learn to help people find better health

As fate would have it, I recently ran into a colleague (and fellow NP) of mine that I respect.

She introduced & shared with me a Critical Care Physician-led health coaching program ( I never knew such a thing existed).

She works with people that are her peers, friends, family and others to help  them improve their health and she invited me to take a look at it. She’s impacting lives and helping others find their optimal health!




This program is it. This is one of those things. Something that actually excites me! Something that can help me help others achieve better health.

It’s got the goods. All the things I struggled with, it helps solve.

I’m taking a leap. A leap of faith. It’s that good.

So, I’m now training to become a certified health coach!

I’m launching my health coaching practice.


You can call this my “Coming Out Party”.

I’ve already had a handful of conversations with close friends to start getting the word out. I want to help them, their friends and family members improve their health.

I know what improved health and adopting habits of health have done for me. I want to help others find it!

I hope you’ll join me.


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I hope to hear from you soon.