Murse = (M)ale N(urse)

We make up less than 10% of the Nursing profession, but the number of Men in Nursing continues to grow. When I started this profession over a decade ago, we made up less than 6%, and now we are breaching the 10% mark! (10% of 600,000)

One of the ways that we are growing is through mutual support. While I’m not a fan of annotating my title with my gender, I embrace the support, because we need MORE men in our profession.

A fellow Male Nurse, Michael Ward, has created a new online hub for all the men in Nursing called Have Mursey

A Male Nurse Blog for Dudes in Nursing

I met Mike some time ago on Twitter. We crossed paths like all Nurses do, sharing stories about our Nurse life. Mike has been around the profession as long as I have, he’s an ICU Nurse, Health Coach, Nurse Entrepreneur, Father, Husband and now a Family Nurse Practitioner student (Oh Yeah!)

I love Mike’s passion for the positive in everything he does.

Fun Fact: Mike plays 8 instruments and is learning how to play the violin. (His wife is a professional violinist.)

Have Mursey also touts the Murse of the Month:

… highlight some of the many male nurses who are doing big things in the nursing profession. There are also a lot of up-and-comers using their unique talents and gifts to make a huge impact in the world of healthcare

I was chosen as the inaugural nominee! I couldn’t be more honored. Here are some excerpts from my interview:

…It was during that time that I learned it exactly what a nurse can and did do

…although I do spend a great deal oftime on the peripherals of our world. I love teaching the newbies how to survive.

…Our colleagues are finally saying enough is enough with the double standards, low pay-rates, lateral violence, and unsafe staffing ratios

I hope you’ll go check out my interview and subscribe to Mike’s blog.

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