It takes a village…

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As I sit here on the eve of the big event, I can’t help but think how none of this would have been possible without help. A LOT of help. I can’t even begin to describe  to you how many moments I wanted to give up, how many moments I had someone ‘carrying’ me through a tough time, and how many moments I wasn’t alone.
In the end I had to absorb the knowledge. I had to assimilate the concepts. I had to perform the skills. I had to pass the exams. But those were the few times where it was all about me. Over the past three years of my graduate school journey I’ve lost count as to how many people offered a helping hand. Some have stayed, others have come and gone, and some are still by my side as I type these words.
I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I’m saturated with appreciation. I’m beaming with pride.
My cup runeth over.
Thank you all for being a part of this journey. If you are reading these words, than you participated in this play. Thank you.
Thank you.