It’s not about WHEN you eat but WHAT you eat

This post is out to provide some support and help to a friend, Dave, out there on Amplify. I’m trying my best to dispel the dastardly myth of “Don’t eat late at night”. I think it has other versions that include a specific time like:

“Don’t eat anything after 6pm”

“Don’t eat anything after 9pm”

I’ve even heard the crazy myth of “Don’t eat anything after dinner”.

As if no one gets hunger after eating dinner or something?! Heck some of my greatest cravings happen later in the evening.

Dave also thinks that if you DO eat something, you have to sacrifice your taste buds. Well here it is 9:18pm (via EST) and this is my hearty snack:

A nice bowl of mixed fruit with some cottage cheese = no fat and nothing but taste buds heaven.

One sliced apple with some of this cool dip I bought (that I haven’t tried yet) = 1g of fat/ 2Tbsp. Oh I can’t wait to see how good this one tastes.

Whatya think?

How about hopping on over to Amplify and give Dave your thoughts on late night snacking. Healthy and mindful eating does not = misery. At least not in my book it doesn’t.

Oh and if you feel the desire, Dave is also on Twitter here: @dgrossman.

Oh, and Dave if you’re reading this – I told you I was calling in reinforcements.