I’ve always walked my own path. I’ve always taken the path less traveled.

Much of my life I started on a path paved in tradition, but then after walking that path for a short time I would realize… that it’s not for me… and I wanted more.

I graduated high school and my first major in college was Mechanical Engineering. I chose that career path because I was good at math. That choice lasted 2 years before I changed careers. I wanted something else.

I could feel the edges of the box I was in…

I then did a complete 180 degree turn. As a second-semester sophomore I completely changed careers and started over. It would take me an additional 4 years to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Athletic Training.

I would go on to practice as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) for more than a decade before realizing I wanted a new path. I wanted something more.

The edges of that new box were closing in on me…

Fate would introduce me to the profession of Nursing after a severe injury put me in a hospital bed. I would work at the bedside 8 years before the edges of the box closed in on me.

I moved on and advanced my career. I’m on year 4 of being an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. I’ve mentored countless Nurses both in person and online by sharing my knowledge and experience in the best way I know how. But I know I can do more.

… I’m feeling the edges of that box again….

I still have a burning desire to help others. I’m a motivator. I’m a health care professional. But I’m also an advocate for healthy living. I know all too well what it’s like to be in poor health.

I delivered that message through my world of fitness, but I know I can do more and reach more people.

It’s why I’ve started my online Health Coaching business. I KNOW I can help others adopt healthier lifestyles. In the short amount of time I’ve started my business I’m already helping numerous people!

Fitness is only part of optimal health. I’m ready to share my knowledge with others. I can’t seem to contain my excitement!

I know I can help you, or you know someone that could use my help. I hope you’ll reach out.

I want to help as many as possible find optimal health. We all deserve it. Some of us just have a difficult time finding it and need a little guidance, a little encouragement and a lot of love. I can be that compass.

How can I help you?

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I hope to hear from you soon.