My 'Ah-hah' moment becoming a nurse..

Everyone has it. Whether we know it or not. As nurses we have that ‘light bulb’ moment when it clicks. If we’re lucky it happens while we are still in school. For some it happens while we’re out there in the work force. And for some it happens when we stop looking for that ‘perfect job’.

It’s that moment when it’s no longer a ‘job’. When you can picture yourself doing whatever it is you’re doing for the rest of your career (or close to it).

For me it was critical care. It was my ICU clinical rotation in my diploma-nursing program. I remember vividly how cool, how comfortable, and how right it felt when I was sitting at my patient’s bedside, chatting with them while I was watching their ECG monitor, assessing their vital signs as I administered an IV push medication. (I was making sure they didn’t become hypotensive and/or become bradycardic)

I was baffled, amazed and completely engaged in the idea that what I was doing was so impactful to their well-being and their care. What I did mattered. What I did made a difference, in real time. It was measurable and titratable. The cause and effect of my actions was tangible on so many levels. (not to mention I got to use and utilize some pretty cool machines and gadgets)

This ‘Ah-hah’ moment was one of the two ‘things’ that I think can help you decide on a career path. Check out my thoughts over at Scrubs Beat this past week:

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