My interview discussing ‘A Voice for Nursing’ on Get Social Health


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of discussing the role of Nurses and the Nursing profession with Janet Kennedy, the host of Get Social Health Podcast.

I met Janet through the Blab video chat platform this past fall when my podcast was born. If you remember, my podcast was completely ran through the Blab platform for the first couple months. Janet and I met through mutual friends as well as both of us sharing the same social space on a number of social media platforms. I really love the passion Janet has for marrying social media with all things Health Care.

From the Get Social Health Podcast website:

Get Social Health is a podcast about social media and how it’s being used to help hospitals, medical practices, healthcare practitioners and patients connect and engage via social media. Get Social Health presents conversations with professionals actively working in the field and provides real-life examples of healthcare social media in action.

Janet invited me as a guest to talk about Nurses’ social media online presence (or lack there of). How our online presence is not completely complimentary and extremely under-represented.

I also got to share some of my social media history of the past decade. I talked about my 6 years with Scrubs Magazine, blogging & vlogging. Then (of course) my new podcast and the launch of my website, a social media vault for nurses across their career spectrum seeking guidance on how to succeed.

Janet was a great host and such a wonderful conversationalist. I can’t thank Janet enough for the opportunity to let me share my story.

Sean Dent is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and the host of the Change of Shift podcast giving a voice to Nurses and the nursing profession.

Source: The Change of Shift Podcast- A Voice for Nursing – Get Social Health

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