Every single seasoned Nurse was once the new Nurse. Every so often the seasoned Nurse needs to be reminded that the learning process is slow.

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When the new Nurse isn’t quite getting it or not carrying their load or not grasping the needed concepts, remember you were once in their shoes. In fact, some of you just got out of those shoes!

As the resource, you sometimes can lose your patience when the new Nurse is struggling with a new concept or skill. We can get caught up in wrongfully comparing them to ourselves or others.

Try and remember the absolute fear and confusion you had. Remember how lost you felt during those first few days (weeks, months or even years).

[Tweet “You don’t need to hit the new Nurse with the proverbial frying pan every single day.”]

Some of us took longer to get past that deer-in-headlight look. And some of us have been a Nurse for a year… and are still having trouble.

Try and remember the fear.

As the learned and trusted resource, it’s our job to nurture and prepare them. Teach, don’t preach. You don’t need to hit them with the proverbial frying pan every single day.

I think it is our responsibility to change our culture. It’s time to stop eating our young, and it’s time to start growing and building our profession.

Always remember that feeling you had when you were the new Nurse. It’s time we stopped ‘eating our young’… and changed our culture.

It starts with you.

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