Nurses: 5 tips to relieve test anxiety



Nurses have test anxiety?
[Insert heavy sarcastic laugh]

Noooo… ya don’t say? I mean Nursing school is easy right? Pfffttt…. [insert another sarcastic laugh]


It’s actually quite common. Some students’ anxiety is worse than others, and some have been paralyzed by the fear.

I thought I’d give some helpful tips on how I deal with test (anxiety) stress.

Before you go diving into my tips, if you are having true test anxiety, the type of anxiety that completely paralyzes you… please seek help. Ask for assistance before it consumes you.

For the majority of us, we’re just freakin’ stressed. Here are 5 tips to help squash that stress-bug:

1. Get your shit together
2. Take more tests
3. Get some sleep
4. Stop the post-exam pow-wow
5. Learn from your mistakes

Care to add any?

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