If you’re not early, you’re late.

Ok, not all nurses. But there are some out there who may need to be reminded.

Seriously. Be on freakin’ time. Don’t just ‘clock-in’ on time. You need to be ready to work after you clock in.

Have you worked with that Nurse who clocks in for work, but then spends another 10 or 15 minutes “getting ready” to work?

They have to gather their supplies, change their shoes, use the bathroom at least twice, maybe play on their phone and quite possibly want to chit-chat with other coworkers before actually gettin’ report from the outgoing shift.

Heck, in some areas of nursing where you have to wear “work” scrubs (PACU and the OR) these SAME nurses will clock in and THEN go get changed!

Do ya think you could arrive on time to swipe that badge… and then go ‘get ready’ for report?


Mutual respect also involves having a respect for one’s time.

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