Nurses: What are your reason(s) for leaving a job?



There are many reasons to leave a job. Just as many reasons to start searching for a new job. It could be personal circumstances, career advancement or sometimes academic endeavors.

But, what would cause you to be so unhappy at a job to cause you to leave?

What are (were) your top three reasons for leaving your previous job?

More specifically, for all my new graduate Nurse readers.. what three reasons would cause you to not stay at your very first Nursing job?

It’s not an easy decision, by any means. There will never be a ‘perfect’ job. There will always be challenges and negative characteristics of every job, but what would cause you to say “enough is enough”.

Here are my top three:

1. Unmanageable scheduling
2. Poor or unsupportive management team
3. Unfair pay

I can’t wait to hear what your reason are!

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