Nursing career goals? I changed my mind at least three times.



Once you become a Nurse, you have to decide a career direction. Which area of Nursing will you choose? Will you advance your career… if so what will you choose?

Will you pursue OB? Med-Surg? ICU? ER? PACU? OR? Peds??

The list is quite endless. And you have to sort of make up your mind by the time you graduate.

I remember when I was in my diploma Nursing program, I changed my mind three times. And it took me another couple years to truly find my calling.

Then your mind will change a couple more times once you graduate, pass the NCLEX and do this job for a short-time.

If I can offer two pieces of advice regarding which direction to choose:

1. Would you make the same choice if the money was not a concern? Make your choice based on the actual job, not the pay.
2. Have the self-awareness to know what actually will make you happy. Will you be excited to wake up every day to do the job you choose?

Care to add any sage words of advice?

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