35 Kilograms in one Year

screenshotI started weightlifting as a full-time endeavor in December 2013. I increased my total by 35 kilos (that’s 77lbs)  over the course of this past year and I’m still growing as an athlete.

Yep, the first year was all about refining my technique and just learning how to use my body. It was also time for me to unlearn many bad habits. I’m feeling more and more comfortable with each lift each time I pick up the barbell. I hit a few snags along the way getting sidelined with a nasty hip injury for almost 3 months as well as battling through a couple illnesses and of course life gets in the way sometimes. But, all excuses aside. I’m still making improvements.

Here I am hitting a #205 Snatch.

My goal is to get as close to 100 kg (220lbs) as possible. I think with a little work, I could hit 100kg by the end of the year. Barring I can stay healthy and injury free.

Not too shabby for starting this journey late in life.

Now I have to focus more on my Clean & Jerk next.

Geographic Stressin’


Ahhh… the sun, clear skies, blue-calm water….. and…

15 degree weather ?!

Yeah. This is a screenshot of my iMac’s wallpaper. A bit of contrast going on there. In my part of the world we’ve had record-breaking low temps along with surges of more of that white-fluffy crap that is burying us at times. So I have this crazy wallpaper to calm my nerves.

The good news is that vacation is only 5 weeks away. Yes, a vacation that will look JUST LIKE MY WALLPAPER.

I’ve lived in this area of the world my whole life. The frozen tundra of winter is nothing new to me. But for some reason I’ve reached my ‘red-line’. I’ve had enough. Can we just move on to Spring? Please?

Is anyone else fed up with Winter?

Fed up @goeriecom #eriegram

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Valentine’s Day… (eye roll)

Another corporate-sponsored event has come and gone. Another retail-driven money-making holiday has passed. And another Valentine’s Day where my beautiful wife and I did nothing to ‘celebrate’ its occurrence.

2015-02-14 14.04.26* * *


* * *

We don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day. She’s my ‘valentine’ every day of the year. From a previous blog post a couple years ago, I wrote:

No need to spend the money on a holiday that supposedly is the national past time for celebrating love and happiness. Nope, my wife and I are far from traditionalist. In fact, the last time I checked, our entire relationship is based on going against what the ‘norm’ is or was, as well as ignoring any advice from those that ‘apparently’ know better.

I think I remember reading an article once about Will Smith and his wife Jada. It had something to do with his marriage, life, career.. I really can’t remember the specifics. What I do remember is him mentioning Valentine’s Day. How nobody can be ‘surprised’ on Valentine’s Day. The surprises are supposed to be throughout the entire year of the relationship, not just bottlenecking your efforts on a day that the retail world claims you should.

Here are some of the reason why I did not get my wife the roses, or the chocolates, or the jewelry for this year’s holiday:

  • I tell my wife I lover her everyday, 3 times a day at the very least. When I/we wake up, when I/we come home from our work/school day, and when we go to bed.
  • Every time I say the words, “I love you”, I actually mean it and don’t use it as a greeting, salutation or closing argument.
  • I concentrate on the small everyday things in her life, not just the major events. Do you know what your partner drinks when dining at the restaurant, could you order for them – and get it right.
  • There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hug my wife at least once.
  • I do my best to think of her every time I think of me.
  • I do my best to take care of her as much as she takes care of me.
  • I surprise her all the time – sometimes a gift, sometimes a completed chore, sometimes just that extra ‘what ever she needs’.
  • When I speak of her, the word beautiful is always in my sentence.
  • I married my best friend, so marriage is just the icing on the cake. Talking with my wife is still the foundation of our relationship.
  • The very best part of my day – is snuggling with her at night. I don’t ever pass up a ‘spooning’ moment.
  • My day is not complete until I see her smile and hear her laugh, so I plan my day around getting what I want.

I’m proud to be in a relationship where flowers, candy and trinkets don’t define our success or failure. While they surely do make for great memories, relationships don’t need anything that Valentine’s Day has to offer.

We upheld our tradition. We sat in the comfort of our home, snuggled on the couch and enjoyed each others’ company like we always do. A typical Saturday night for us. A perfect night.

I also found this blog post from Huff Post that I thought was worth mentioning: 25 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word. Ironically I talked about many of these suggestions.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…




Our true character is revealed when things are not going our way. When we’re having a bad day. When the sky is falling around us. When the proverbial ‘bomb’ drops, how do you act? How do you react?

Do you fly off the handle? Do you panic? Do you find someone or something to blame? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Loath in self-pity and start to circle down the drain of negative self-talk?

Or do you find the light at the end of the dark tunnel? Do you evaluate just how bad things really are? Do you rise to the occasion? Do you own your emotions and figure out how to survive?

The last time I checked about 80+% of my life involves something not going my way. Whether a bad shift at work, an argument with my loved ones, something breaks that needs fixed, or maybe I sucked during my workout. The list is a mile long.

It’s how we deal with the crap, that dictates our happiness. I mean, life is not all sunshine and rainbows, but the last time I checked the majority of us are all pretty darn lucky. There is always someone else out there having a much worse day than you.

I don’t live with the defensive attitude of ‘others have it worse’ every day of my life. But I have learned to appreciate the small things in my life. We are not promised tomorrow.

Then again, I do follow the mantra ‘Suck it up buttercup’ too…

And a Happy New Year!

It’s been one heck of a year so far for me. Scratch that. It’s been one heck of a month for me. The previous ‘Holiday’ month drove me into the ground. I worked a different soft of schedule at work. Long days couple with long stretches, mixed in with the hub-bub of the Holiday grind just wore me down.

Then the day after Christmas my wonderful niece and nephew gave me their stomach flu.

–I was down for the next 6ish days–

I’ve never been so severely sick.

Bounce back to work more long days at work, and more long stretches of work. I was still pretty run down, pretty tired and my ‘activity’ outside of work was dwindling due to just time and exhaustion.

Just when I thought I was getting back to a normal routine. BOOM

–Why helloh Mr. Influenza. So nice to see you–


I got sick ahhgain. I got the ‘flu’ ahhgain. Sick twice in less than 4 weeks.


Lost 2 days of work and another 5 days. Me and my couch have become really good friends over the past month, I must confess. A relationship I never saw coming.


There’s now only one more day left in the month of January, and I’m wondering where the New Year went?

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping busy with my awesome job. I’ve been spending as much time as the job will allow coaching. Oh, and I’m still doing the vloggin and bloggin thing with the wonderful people over at Scrubs Magazine.

Did I mention I posted a video that garnered over 10,000+ views in its first 24hrs of release? And it’s still ticking away! Last I checked it’s over 21,000+ views?? Crazy talk I tell ya

Here’s my life in pictures over the past month: (courtesy of good ole’ Instagram)

This has been my hangout for the past 72 hours… Gotta love the flu. Finally up and moving today.

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#photooftheday #ccdays365d0107 #cartoon Baaaayyyybbbbeeeeeeee it's cold outside

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Brrr …

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A winter wonderland tunnel.. #eriegram #snowpacalypse

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This 'wintery mix' that's comingb down… Not a fan. Nope #eriegram

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I discovered a quick and efficient way to lose all of my ‘holiday weight gain’

Influenza virus

The week of Christmas I randomly weighed myself. I was curious about my weight, because I threw caution to the wind this past holiday season and ate any and every sweet treat that crossed my path.

I was the heaviest I’ve  been in a long time.

I finished my 15th worked shift over the past 18 days. We drove home to visit the family, and I  enjoyed my Christmas holiday with my family

We visited with both sides of our family, stayed overnight then headed back home. Arrived home, did some cleaning up and I headed to the gym to workout and work off all that darn crap.

I had only made it to the gym once in over a week due to my last stretch of shifts. I had worked 9 straight, so I was achy sore from work, from traveling and needed to move.

As per my usual, I decided to push the limits a bit. Did some sound barbell work and then did some tough mid-line ‘abs’ work. By the time I was done, my gut was feelin’.. a bit blegh.

I chalked it up to being away from training.

I made it home and that blegh feeling got progressively worse. By the time I was home, I was flat out nauseated. It took everything in me not to hurl. Within the first 30 minutes of getting home that Friday night I was in the bathroom. And I stayed in the bathroom for hours. In fact I spent more time in the bathroom that night than I did my bed.

Over the next 36 hrs (from what I’m told) I laid on the couch shuffling from sitting up to lying and sleeping. I would awaken long enough to crawl to the bathroom and come back out to the couch.

I don’t remember Saturday after Christmas at all.

It took me all the w2014-12-29 07.52.07ay until Tuesday of this week to feel… uhhmm.. ?normal? Tuesday was the first day I did more than shower. I didn’t brush my teeth for days.


I found out at the end of my weekend, that my lil’ nephew and niece were sick on Christmas morning and they had so very kindly passed on their germs to me and half my family.

I weighed myself yesterday. I lost seven pounds since the days before Christmas.


This has been my hangout for the past 72 hours… Gotta love the flu. Finally up and moving today.

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So much for that holiday weight gain.


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No words today


This was my Christmas.