3,150 feet…

3 days and counting.. and we return to Adventures on the Gorge for the Gravity Zip-Line tour. My wife and I have been there multiple times and have done both aerial zip-line tours. I believe we did Gravity.. two years ago and we had a blast.

This year we’re taking the tour with my wife’s entire immediate family. This ought to be fun!!!

200 feet in the air. Woo Woo!!!

My adventures IRL these days

Life’s been good. I’m working a job I truly enjoy, I spend my off-hours coaching and training. And now this weekend I get to re-visit my Alma Mater during the Annual Penn State Festival of the Arts.

I promised my wife a handful of years ago that since she graduated from Penn State University she had to at least visit its main campus, you see my wife attained her Bachelor’s Degree from one of PSU’s many satellite campuses closer to our home.

So back in 2011 we visited Happy Valley during Penn State’s Arts Fest… and my wife was hooked.  We’ve gone every year since then, except for last year when we missed due to me with my new job, financial strains and just bad timing. So visiting this year was bittersweet.

Especially since this Arts Fest is my wife’s ‘Super Bowl’. I have my CrossFit / Weightlifting endeavors, and my wife’s passion and hobby is jewelry-making. So this Arts Fest is nothing but independent artists and craft-person’s displaying their work for all to see. She’s been gearing up for this event since December of last year (she booked the hotel then).

I must say I’ve really been enjoying myself these past several weeks. And my summer adventures are not nearly over! I have zip-lining coming up, and of course more CrossFit adventures.

I’m putting in my hours at work, enjoying my time at CrossFit FBO, and thoroughly enjoying my summer with my wife and family. I might even squeeze in some beach time in the next week or two!

Oh, and then there is also my new YouTube adventures with ScrubsBeat. I’m still getting used to seeing my face on video… LOL.

I hope everyone else is having a good summer.

Advice to My Pre-Nursing Self


A GREAT article for all those up and coming nurses out there. Sage advice!

Originally posted on Becoming a Nurse:

Credit goes out to my friend and classmate, Kim, for the idea behind this post.


Rocio, me, and Kim before our first lab practicum (Fall 2013).

Here are my top ten pieces of advice to my pre-nursing school self (knowing what I know now):

10. You will do and say stupid things in class, lab, simulation, and clinicals. Get used to it. Embrace it. Learn from it.

9. Do not work out the night before an exam. If you do end up going to the gym, don’t over do it on the water. You’ll end up paying for it by spending half of the night in the bathroom emptying your bladder. For some reason it took me a few times to figure this one out. You need to bring your A game to every exam, and a restless night is just not going to cut it. So forget about alcohol, too…

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New events on the horizon. Did I mention I have my very own YouTube Show??

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!  We celebrated by taking a road trip to Chicago. Yours truly is finally taking his CrossFit Level 1 Certification course. Here are a couple pics from our road trip:



Other exciting news?

Oh, yeah… I have my very own YouTube show. Me and another nurse will have weekly videos featuring everything nursing. Real nurse. Real talk.

You may have heard or even seen this other nurse. Her name is Katie Duke. Ever heard of her? Ever heard of that reality TV series on ABC called NYMed?’

Yeah. She’s that nurse.


Our YouTube channel is called scrubsBeat. It may sound a bit familiar. This channel is partnered with the folks over at Scrubs Magazine, where I’ve been blogging for the past several years.

Here are some videos to get you started.

Here’s my premiere video:

And don’t forget to have a look-see at Katie’s video:

Be sure to visit our channel and subscribe!!!!!