Should Nursing students work the NOC shift?


What has been your experience with student Nurses and the night shift? Do student Nurses rotate through the night shift as part of their curriculum?

If not, should it be? Should the night shift be an option for students?

I mean the reality is, many students are going to spend a fair amount of their first several years working the night shift, simply due to workplace needs and seniority (speaking from experience).

I admit there are pros and cons to placing students on the night shift. Do you placed them on the NOC just to say ‘they did it’?

Or, a better argument is they would get some good real-life experiences of the bedside Nurse.

The dedicated teaching time between the preceptor and student is up for debate. Some would argue they could have more time to ‘teach’ and not just direct. While others admit that many night shift are busier than the day shift… with less support staff.


What are your thoughts?

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