Stay persistent at being consistent

This brings to light that stressing’ your body once in a great while has not benefit, and could quite possibly be detrimental to your health by increasing your risk of cardiovascular incidents.
The key here is to be consistent.

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Sporadic Exercise, Even Sex, May Boost MI, Death Risk

Couch potatoes beware: Episodic bouts of physical or sexual activity may carry a risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death, researchers reported.

But the risk drops with regular physical activity, according to Issa Dahabreh, MD, and Jessica Paulus, ScD, both of Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

“There is a link between episodic physical activity and sexual activity with the risk of heart attack and death from sudden cardiac events” within one or two hours after the episode, Paulus said in a video prepared for the journal.

The triggering effect of such episodes was muted for people who were more active on a regular basis, the researchers found.

They also cautioned that the findings should not be interpreted “as indicating a net harm of physical or sexual activity.”

Instead, they concluded, the results suggest that such exposures are associated with a “temporary short-term increase in the risk of acute cardiac events.”