Wait. Are there Nurses who don’t drink coffee?


Yes. I drink coffee. And… no… I can’t believe there are Nurses out there who don’t drink coffee??

I thought it was a pre-req to entering Nursing School [wasn’t there a coffee check box on the application?]

There are Nurses who drink coffee… and everyone else who is wrong (LOL). ☺

Coffee chat confessions. Five things about ‘Coffee’ and ‘Nursing’ that every Nurse should know.

1. Don’t be a coffee bandit
2. Please keep the coffee motor oil to yourself (coffee jell-o)
3. Fru-fru free for me please
4. Why is there NOT coffee in IV form yet??
5. Try not to commit a coffee foul.

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My time off of work… it always goes by so fast? #nurselife

7 days on, and 8 days off. I have one more day off. During the past 7 days I packed a busy week. I got to spend time doing what I love, coaching. Along with putting my hand on the barbell 4 out of the past 7 days training. So I couldn’t be happier. Top it all off with a weekend spent with my awesome family doing some belated birthday celebrations, and you can call that a pretty kick-##S week.

Here’s my week in pictures:

The sun was shining all week, which made for some awesome training weather during the early morn. I got to coach the 6am class early on in the week, so I’d stick around and train while enjoying the sunrise. Perfection.

Not a bad combo. A barbell and the sunrise #212dofbarbellclub @crossfitfbo

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#sisu @crossfitfbo

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This was my favorite one..

Along the way I discovered I think I broke some sort of ‘branding’ law by wearing all three major brands in one sitting…

My week off wouldn’t be complete without a few trips to the store. I decided to share one of my many hidden talents..

For some strange reason I ended catching a nagging head cold / allergy exacerbation (check this previous post: I don’t get sick … often? ). I still sucked it up and made the road trip home to visit my family for some belated birthday celebrations. So of course I have to practice what I preach:

Soaking up vitamin D and staying hydrated! #nurselife

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Despite how crappy I was feeling, I wasn’t gonna let it ruin family-time.. insert McDonald’s-smile:

We spent a great weekend laughing and catching up with our family. I’m glad we did. I missed them. The more I’m away from them the more I realize how important they are to me, and the time I spend with them is a priority.

In the end, my weekend was partially (if not completely) fueled by:

Yep. #coffee

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Uhh…. Heeelloooh? I’m a nurse. Coffee. It’s what we do.

How was everyone’s weekend? I’m back to the grind on Tuesday for a short stint before another nice long weekend. A belated Wedding Anniversary get-away / celebration with my beautiful wife. 🙂



Coffee? Did someone say COFFEE?

Photo May 05, 11 34 01 AM

Well, it’s official. I no longer have a coffee addiction. I have successfully weaned myself from my abusive amount of coffee that I was drinking daily to a mere cup or two in the morning. I honestly will slowly just stop drinking the stuff all together relatively soon. It’s crazy to say, I’m slowly losing the taste for it.

I went from drinking close to 2 pots of coffee a day to 2 cups.

Not too shabby ehh?

I now have another problem though. I seem to have traded one addiction for another. Instead of a coffee mug in my hand you’ll see this:

2014-04-24 07.39.13

I’ve become ‘THAT‘ guy. The ‘Shaker Cup’ guy.

Heh heh…