My week Instagrammed


A quick recap of my past week. Life at work has started to normalize a bit, at least for the moment. Celebrated my beautiful wife’s birthday. Celebrated my Nephew’s High School graduation. Oh, and summer is officially jump-started…



Me and the birthday girl being wayy to serious. I knew there was a reason I married her.

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Some weekly meal prep for my lunches at work. I gotta eat better…. #paleo

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My Instagrammed Week

My week of Instagramification :

Let's go, get up, get moving. You all know what makes the green grass grow. #staythecourse.

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It's Friday, destroy some fucking cities this weekend. #staythecourse

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WORD. . @officialdoyoueven 👈

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Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there! Especially our own JuggerMami @marisainda #MomStrong

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Be you, whatever that may be.

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I thought maybe I’d start sharing some of my ‘liked’ photos I find throughout the week. Whether I’ll post this every Friday or not, only time (and my schedule) will tell. I have finally accepted that my blogging, my storytelling and my sharing is completely dictated by my life’s schedule. How many days I’m working my full-time CRNP job, how many days a week I’m coaching, and if there are any events coming up that  I need to attend. Summer season is upon us, so life will definitely get busy.

I’m going to experiment with some ideas for keeping my blog afloat. I thought maybe I’d pose questions to my readers. See what kind of responses I get. I’m chatting more on Twitter these days with the Nurseverse/Nursosphere/Nursetweeps. And of course I’m still pluggin’ away with coaching.

We have a weightlifting meet tomorrow, so wish my athlete luck!!!


Spent some time on the beach today…


Sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ time on the beach. Instead I joined my fellow CrossFit members and we did a team WOD on the beach.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have not having fun…


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As you can see… we had some fun. My only problem now…


How the heck do I get the sand outta my shoes?