My week Instagrammed


A quick recap of my past week. Life at work has started to normalize a bit, at least for the moment. Celebrated my beautiful wife’s birthday. Celebrated my Nephew’s High School graduation. Oh, and summer is officially jump-started…



Me and the birthday girl being wayy to serious. I knew there was a reason I married her.

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Some weekly meal prep for my lunches at work. I gotta eat better…. #paleo

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My Instagrammed Week

My week of Instagramification :

Let's go, get up, get moving. You all know what makes the green grass grow. #staythecourse.

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It's Friday, destroy some fucking cities this weekend. #staythecourse

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WORD. . @officialdoyoueven 👈

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Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there! Especially our own JuggerMami @marisainda #MomStrong

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Be you, whatever that may be.

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I thought maybe I’d start sharing some of my ‘liked’ photos I find throughout the week. Whether I’ll post this every Friday or not, only time (and my schedule) will tell. I have finally accepted that my blogging, my storytelling and my sharing is completely dictated by my life’s schedule. How many days I’m working my full-time CRNP job, how many days a week I’m coaching, and if there are any events coming up that  I need to attend. Summer season is upon us, so life will definitely get busy.

I’m going to experiment with some ideas for keeping my blog afloat. I thought maybe I’d pose questions to my readers. See what kind of responses I get. I’m chatting more on Twitter these days with the Nurseverse/Nursosphere/Nursetweeps. And of course I’m still pluggin’ away with coaching.

We have a weightlifting meet tomorrow, so wish my athlete luck!!!


Spent some time on the beach today…


Sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ time on the beach. Instead I joined my fellow CrossFit members and we did a team WOD on the beach.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have not having fun…


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As you can see… we had some fun. My only problem now…


How the heck do I get the sand outta my shoes?

My nutrition options while on the (go) job

Well. It’s been two weeks on the new job. And my food choices have been limited and poor. I’ve made some bad choices about what I’m eating while I’m at work.

I think I have my lunch food items covered. I’m able to bring a lunch, and I can usually scarf down my salad quickly when I get the time.

My problem is the multiple hunger pangs throughout the day. On my feet all day, I need some sort of healthy good choice. Something that is easily portable, Paleo-friendly (meaning not full of sugar & simple carbs) and tasteful.

Carrying around fruit can be challenging at my job. And I can’t lug around my lunch bag. I visit multiple units in multiple floors of a hospital.

These Quest bars might be the answer. Some flavors are absolutely delicious, while others are a bit to be desired.
I’m still experimenting with the multiple flavors. But the nutritional content and value is promising.

I’ll keep ya posted.

While im pretty picky, I’m open to other choices. Anyone have any good suggestions?

So, yeah. This happened today.

I PASSED. WHOLLY CARP. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years of hard work and sacrifice has come full circle. 
I think I need a drink.

The light at the end of the tunnel. I did it!!

It’s been an amazing journey. I’m still having a hard time absorbing the concept that graduate school is over and that I can now say I have a Master’s level education in Nursing.
The entire day yesterday was a wonderful experience. Both my parents and my in-laws were able to share this occasion with my wife and I. We all travelled the 70+ miles to attend the ceremonies. Due to the late time of the day, we all pre-arranged to stay overnight in town. So we could have the traditional post-ceremony dinner without the worry of traveling such a far distance.
It was a beautiful ending of a long and enduring adventure. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than with the very people who helped make this entire process possible.
Without their love, support, understanding and tolerance I would not have been able to walk across that stage last night. From the bottom of my heart and soul I hope they understand how much it all means to me.
Even with the hiccups of big-city traffic and the ridiculous parking-roullette that you just expect to play, our experience ‘down town’ was pleasant. I was thankful that no one got lost, there no vehicular accidents and we made all of our scheduled events on time.
I especially want to thank my family for suffering through the actual graduation ceremony. You would think after having done this ‘dance’ on 3 other occasions, that I would have caught on to the concept of how ‘LOOOOONG’ the graduation ceremony and procession really is. Even WITH guest speakers that are engaging, brief and to the point,  the event is somewhat torturous. Sitting in one place for greater than two hours listening to people talk and watching person after person walk across the stage is not something anyone would call ‘enjoyable’. 
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have changed anything, and I don’t regret attending or asking my family to be with me. I just wish there was a better way to pull it off.
To top things off, the waitress we had during our dinner was a breath of fresh air. She kindly delivered my dessert on this plate to congratulate me on my graduation:
2013 04 26 21 40 58
It’s pretty tough to see it due to the bad lighting, but you can see the words congratulations & 2013 written on the plate as well as a picture of a cap with a tassel. All of which were drawn in chocolate!! Which I kindly ate.
I think I’ll take one more day to let it sink in, then it’s on to the next step. I have a house to sell, packing to complete, a move to make, successfully study and pass my boards, before finally starting my new job!!!
Things are just happening so fast… 

It takes a village…

As I sit here on the eve of the big event, I can’t help but think how none of this would have been possible without help. A LOT of help. I can’t even begin to describe  to you how many moments I wanted to give up, how many moments I had someone ‘carrying’ me through a tough time, and how many moments I wasn’t alone.
In the end I had to absorb the knowledge. I had to assimilate the concepts. I had to perform the skills. I had to pass the exams. But those were the few times where it was all about me. Over the past three years of my graduate school journey I’ve lost count as to how many people offered a helping hand. Some have stayed, others have come and gone, and some are still by my side as I type these words.
I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I’m saturated with appreciation. I’m beaming with pride.
My cup runeth over.
Thank you all for being a part of this journey. If you are reading these words, than you participated in this play. Thank you.
Thank you.