Spent some time on the beach today…


Sorry to disappoint, but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ time on the beach. Instead I joined my fellow CrossFit members and we did a team WOD on the beach.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have not having fun…


(Pictures courtesy of Facebook)

As you can see… we had some fun. My only problem now…


How the heck do I get the sand outta my shoes?

My nutrition options while on the (go) job

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Well. It’s been two weeks on the new job. And my food choices have been limited and poor. I’ve made some bad choices about what I’m eating while I’m at work.

I think I have my lunch food items covered. I’m able to bring a lunch, and I can usually scarf down my salad quickly when I get the time.

My problem is the multiple hunger pangs throughout the day. On my feet all day, I need some sort of healthy good choice. Something that is easily portable, Paleo-friendly (meaning not full of sugar & simple carbs) and tasteful.

Carrying around fruit can be challenging at my job. And I can’t lug around my lunch bag. I visit multiple units in multiple floors of a hospital.

These Quest bars might be the answer. Some flavors are absolutely delicious, while others are a bit to be desired.
I’m still experimenting with the multiple flavors. But the nutritional content and value is promising.

I’ll keep ya posted.

While im pretty picky, I’m open to other choices. Anyone have any good suggestions?