Movember. A No Go Mo

And just like that, Movember is over. I started the month like a rocket being launched into outer space, but quickly faded to an eventual stall.

Somewhere along the line my heartfelt intentions lost out to my face’s discomfort. I had to look back, but the last time I posted a Mo pic of the day was November 14th, and the last blog post about Movember was on November 8th.

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Yep. Major fail.

Apparently even as a  40 year old I have too much of a baby face (LOL). That first shave of my face hurt like no other. The following 7 days were grueling. My face was irritated, I broke out with weird pre-pubescent acne. Not to mention that after almost 2 weeks, you could barely tell I had a MOustache (Goat-tee in my case).


While I still supported the movement as much as possible, I just couldn’t pull off the moustache. Ahh well, I gave it a try.

#Movember | Day 8

Wholly carp. Really? It’s been over a week already? Time flies when you’re fighting the good fight.

I’m still waiting for my nod..

I’m told that my Mo looks more ‘real’ in person, my pictures really don’t tell a good tale.

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#Movember | Day 7

Not a whole lot to report today. I think you can actually see my Mo a lil??

More obligatory media from the Mo Bros at

And… my mug again:

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As a side note… posting a blog everyday about my Mo growth is going to get tough next week when I work a 7-day stretch.