#Movember | Day 6

Sorry folks. This could be a very boring month of Movember from my perspective. My Mo is going to be slow and frankly won’t really cause a blip on most people’s radar.

But heh, it’s the thought that counts right?!

Here’s another word from the Mo Bros over at Movember.com:

Anyone tired of seeing my mug yet??

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#Movember | Day 5

Another day down. It’s a slow-growin Mo for me. Like I said, I’m pretty sure you won’t even notice the stubble or shadow til’ next week!

The good news is I’m noticing a couple more Mo Bros around my part of the world. Nothing but a good thing. I am however a tad bit jealous of these guys over in New Zealand:

New Zealand unites under the Movember flag – YouTube.

I got hungry after I watched that video.

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#Movember | Day #4

Stubble is as stubble does.

Not much to report today, other than the velcro-effect my face has going on these days.

Here’s a word from the guys over at Movember:

I think I’ll actually shave today and carve out my goatee.

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