24 Rules For Being A Gentleman In 2014

#24. Be compassionate, and know that you are allowed to experience the full range of human emotion. Where the gentleman of our grandparents’ generation might have prided himself on keeping all of his feelings in check for fear of seeming ‘feminine,’ a real gentleman knows that the best thing about him is his ability to be kind and empathetic. Everything else — yes, even the suit — is just icing on the cake.

Thank you Charlie Brown

We haven’t put up a Christmas tree for the past couple years in an effort to avoid the assumed clean-up our two cats would create when they pulled down every ornament from the tree, and eventually the tree itself.

OK, you could add a bit of laziness in there, but basically we haven’t adorned out household with the traditional Christmas tree in quite some time.

Well, my wife solved the problem this year. Behold, our new Christmas Tree:

2013-12-10 21.25.24

I kinda like it.

Thank you to the Peanuts gang.. .as always.


If all else fails we could get a Christmas Cactus?

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