Upcoming Podcast interview: Jon Haws RN CCRN, founder of NRSNG.com!


Jon is the founder of NRSNG.com, a website dedicated to teaching nursing students how to succeed with study materials he offers that is easily consumable and readily available.

I found Jon on Twitter and his popular Podcast. After some common interactions on multiple social media websites I realized Jon is a hot commodity!

I am opening the playbook to nursing school and providing easy to understand materials, cheat sheets, and study tools to help you reach your goal of RN.

Check out Jon on the web through some of his social media accounts and stay tuned for his interview!

Do you have any burning questions you’d like me to ask Jon? Drop me a message.





Jon will be on The Change of Shift Podcast on Monday January 25th so stay tuned for some serious knowledge bombs.

Join the live conversation at 2pm EST : https://blab.im/sean-dent-interview-jon-haws-rn-ccrn-founder-of-nrsng-com-the-change-of-shift-podcast




Closing time….


79HAll good things must come to an end… no matter how short their stay may be. Now, relax my great readers. This blog is not going away. I’m talking about the multiple social media identities and ventures that I have. More specifically my recent creation of The Nurse Niche Podcast and The Sean Dent Show on YouTube.

Sidebar: every time I hear the words ‘closing time’.. I think of this song. I grew up in the 90’s:


–Sorry.. I digress–

Both were great ideas. Both were an extension of me and my vision. But recently I had a stroke of luck and epiphany with the creation of The Change of Shift website and my newfound passion of Podcasting.

I can’t be everywhere doing everything. I need to focus, sharpen my voice out there and funnel my efforts. That destination is The Change of Shift. In order to get my message out there effectively I need to have it coming from one hub.

So I just recorded my last episode for The Nurse Niche Podcast. It has officially been retired.

As for The Sean Dent Show, I have a few videos recorded, I just have to decide on what to do with them. I may upload them to The Change of Shift, who knows.

It’s been a great journey thus far. I’ve hit a few bumps along the way. But, ten years into this and I have re-discovered my passion for sharing my knowledge about my wonderful Nursing profession.

I hope you’ll join me.


2015-07-01 13.31.37

What have I been up to lately? I became a Podcaster.

2015-09-24 22.30.24-1

Yep. You read that right. I became a full-fledged Podcaster. I’m not talking about the mini-Podcast I’ve been running the past several weeks. A Podcast with a co-host! A fellow kick-ass Nurse Practitioner.

12030247_1483876638606391_4523118413976329196_oGo visit Emily: https://www.facebook.com/emjbennett15?ref=profile

She’s like me, one of the old-dog bloggers. And she’s blogging again!


Oh, and I launched a new website while I was at it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.44.24 PMGo check it out: http://thechangeofshift.com/

Stay tuned for the details.

In the meantime.. don’t forget about The Change of Shift blog carnival coming up!!!!