Say Hello to the new video chat App Blab : Twitter + Periscope + Google Hangout + Skype

There’s a new kid on the block, and its name is Blab. is a new video chat app:

“four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can instantly switch places with one of the four video”

blab2It’s turned out to be a pretty cool, and quite addictive lil app. I’ve participated in two ‘blabs’. Which is basically a video chat on steroids. We can interact/chat with all 4 on video, while engaging with an audience from Twitter. And the video guests can be interchanged (at the hosts discretion).

This app has endless possibilities! You can record the ‘blab’ and then you will get an audio and video file emailed to you to utilize how you wish.

I’m planning on using it to invite guests to ‘blab about nursing’ in the very near future!!! (*hint *hint)

Stay tuned gang.

Here’s my profile: (be sure to add me!)

blabIf interested here are my first two blab replays:

Here’s more on the app:

Nurses: where do you want to be when you grow up?


Where do you wanna grow up? All my ‘baby’ nurses out there… how do you know where you should go?

What area of nursing should you work in?

*Hint: It’s OK not to know

Check out Episode 14 of my Podcast.

Here’s the rudimentary transcript (with grammatical errors):

Welcome back to the nurse niche on your host Sean thanks for tuning in to my podcast then little busy recently some major changes going on in my social media life if you haven’t read anything out there on my blog or my fan page my relationship with scrubs magazine and the scrubs beat YouTube channel was terminated terminated to get word that has ended for reasons I’ll simply say creative differences maybe someday I’ll ask you talk about that whole scenario but six years later after blogging with scrubs my relationship has ended and it’s bit of a change but I’m down when I’m not out been doing this way too long one of the old guys now in the blogging world been doing this for close to 10 years so you guys are stuck with me would know what else to do if I wasn’t blogging or talking about nursing.

Quick subject today talking about what you want to be when you grow up as a nurse whether it’s going to the nursing school getting out of nursing school first job as a nurse heck this could be I’ve been a nurse so long and on at a dead-end job I don’t know what to do here’s the newsflash it’s okay not to know what to do it’s okay if you don’t know what kind of nurse you want to be I mean by what kind a nurse I mean what area with specialty area are you going to work are you running an MedSurg beginning on oncology pediatrics you want to work in an office ER flight nursing or you want to work in ICU wink wink I see you I’m here to tell you that you not to know the answer off the bat unless you are one of those lucky few that knew exactly where you want to be and what you want to do before you even started nursing because of influences in your life there are some of us out there that just have nursing in their blood nurses in the family been exposed the nursing sense the dawn of time and you knew exactly what you want to do and where you were going to go I myself was down the middle of the road by the time I got to my last semester nursing school I knew I enjoyed and loved being in the critical care world which was a major surprise for me because when I was in nursing school I thought I would transition to the MedSurg world because it was the easiest and most logical transition for those of you who don’t know or don’t remember I was an athletic trainer for close to a decade with the degree exercise and sport science worked with the athletic population worked side-by-side with the orthopedic surgeon so it was a logical step for me to walk into the MedSurg nursing shoes and of course working in the orthopedic world as a nurse or training or being educated in that area of nursing was an easy transition for me I already had the experience in the education as a trainer but for some reason the critical care world just got under my skin and of course if anyone of you know I stayed in critical care it’s a case short pause for about six months which was a major mistake but for the better part of the decade I’ve been a nurse I’ve always been in critical care I did him all around a bit him on anyone’s watched the video on change I did him all around a bit with what kind of a nurse I wanted to be where I wanted to work a new one to work in critical care question was how big of a hospital what location did I want to travel was I okay with being a bedside nurse that I want to work towards a supervisory role being a charge nurse and the maybe just maybe I want to go back and advance my degree because as nurse practitioners I really like what they do and what am I doing now on the acute care nurse practitioner working in the ICU how about them apples but I did not get to this point in a straight line may left me to write when I went down stopped moved it took me a while trial and error to figure out just where I fit in or just where I wanted to go and I needed help I got a lot of help from coworkers family friends I got a lot of help from previous mentors professors physicians everybody I worked with everywhere I worked with and worked I constantly asked questions I constantly reevaluated my situation was this right was his optimal could it be better even while I was in school going towards my Masters becoming few care nurse practitioner I still question is this right and might on the right path I think the question in part the key to maintaining your sanity and achieving some professional happiness bonus a success but happiness nurses out there think that you’re the answer to reveal itself and proof is over at format them done that’s not the case your think he figured out in the near and having experience at a job somewhere and realize me maybe that’s a better option but they call Mrs. message message the take-home message is the patient but the aggressive in figuring out where you want to go and don’t be frustrated if after one month one year two years 10 however many years it takes she still haven’t found your niche see related their niche wink wink utilize your resources utilized everything around you and then there’s this wonderful thing called the Internet enough you’ve heard of it there’s a buzz sylvian nurses out there that can give you some insight as to what might be better what might work for you what’s good what’s bad utilize your resources ask questions don’t be afraid to fail

As always thanks for tuning in my podcast you can find me on iTunes holy crap under the nurse needs podcast you can find me on any of the social media websites outlets on Instagram my name Sean dance him on Twitter I am unafraid and of course you can find me on Facebook either on my fan page I am Sean Dent or just Sean didn’t my Facebook personal page love the hear from you love the suggestions everyone so while people were messaging me give me some suggestions for topics on my podcast on my blog keep them coming the videos will be coming out shortly the Sean then show will live on thanks for tuning in have fun out there

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The perfect job. Does it exist?

113HMany nurses talk about the infamous unicorn in our profession, the ‘Perfect Job’. Does it exist? Where is it located? What would it look like? Is it a magical building where they hide all the properly staffed floors, on-time shift changers and well stocked supplies?

Some will spend their entire career looking for that perfect job.

Or should we be looking for the job that’s ‘Perfect” for you?

Check out my latest Podcast: The Nurse Niche – Episode 11 The perfect job 

Here’s the transcript: (may or may not have grammar errors)

Greetings everyone welcome back to the nurse niche I’m your host Sean today’s topic the perfect job everyone is looking for the unicorn looking for the perfect job that is perfect for them perfect for their life perfect for their scenario blah blah blah Loblaw and I mean everyone you have seasoned nurses you have new nurses everyone wants the perfect job my guess is that everybody wants the perfect job because everyone has experienced the not so perfect job we could define not so perfect with everything from the job itself a benefit or lack there of benefits location your coworkers your boss you name it you could list anything and everything that was not so perfect about whatever job you have or have I have some bad news unfortunately the perfect job does not exist you can however make a job as perfect as you want it to be now I say perfect I mean perfect as in everything that you want you get there’s no drawbacks there is nothing negative about all-encompassing word your job sadly there will always be some portion related to your job that is not gonna be perfect and I shouldn’t say sadly because it there was such a thing as a perfect job for everybody then I’m I’m guessing that jobs would change great in order to find everything that you want you have to live in the world of percentages or you have to live in the minimalist world it could be worse and I don’t say that because you know there it is an out there simply saying that you have to accept certain portion certain aspects of job whether that be the commutes or the coworkers or the supervisor or manager or the location to pay there’s always been a be a portion of the job that you’re just going to have to accept but don’t get me wrong accepting it doesn’t mean you have to like it you can absolutely try and change things impact things motivates things to move to a different direction and let’s be honest and not to be able to magically have a new boss appear you Nokia magically have your your employer what you can influence of the portions of the job that you don’t find ideal your pay for one you can look towards different positions you can look towards incentives you look towards furthering your education is always something that you define don’t go looking for the perfect job look for the job that’s perfect for you I remember this concept of the job is perfect for you is fluid to change as your career unfolds to change as you grow in your profession it’s obviously going to change every time you have a life event that changes what’s going on in your life for instance I had a perfect job for job is perfect for me but but the commute was long and involved and I had to relocate a job that you drove 70 miles for one way while it was an awesome job the commute really defined the idea of perfect for me make a list of all the things that are important to you that you can or cannot live without make a list of things that you must refuse to accept and that you can or cannot live without and I would suggest the point system figure out which job is perfect for you at that moment in time for you and your family because honestly what you’re working a job the job is going to impact a person what so there is no perfect job there only as a job that is perfect for you and your perfect job is probably not gonna be my perfect job good luck out there as always thanks for listening you can find me on iTunes the nurse each podcast you can follow me on pretty much every social media Avenue out there always happy to hear feedback always happy to hear how I’m doing

I’m auto-transcribing my Podcasts for everyone who doesn’t listen, but there are grammar errors. The errors are small and hidden so while I’m getting the hang of this you might read some Podcast transcripts that ‘read’ a little weird – bear with me.

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