Achieving your goals… Maybe?

I’ve been a tad busy with my clinical rotation and just simply waiting out the results of my comprehensive exam. In the midst of that I had this interesting thought concerning goals.

THE hardest part about any reflextion is the self-awareness, self-discipline and self-evaluation we ALL must do in order to play the game on a level field.

The minute you don’t judge yourself is the minute the field becomes unbalanced and in favor of failure. Sometimes the only thing separating you from achieving what ever goal you are aiming for is you. 

Maybe… you’re just making excuses. 

A Dose of Inspiration = Our Time to Change



Via Our Time to Change • My wife was cleaning out a desk the other day and…

I’ve been blessed. I have been lucky enough to cross paths with some pretty amazing and inspiring people through my social media avenues. While Twitter, Facebook and now Google+ afford me some pretty awesome internet acquaintances, Tumblr is always left out of the equation.

Through Tumblr I’ve met some pretty amazing people. People with the type of inspiring stories that make my plight to a more healthier me seem trivial compared to the mountains they have had to climb. Take for instance Jason in the picture up above. Just over 2 years ago he and his wife made a promise as a couple to better their health (which is awesome that he can do this with his wife).

2 years later after a lot of blood sweat and tears, you can see he’s made QUITE a change. In fact the name of his Tumblr blog says it all “Our Time To Change”. He went from having some overweight challenges to deadlifting over 350 lbs???!!!

How awesome is that? (Not to mention he’s also a crazy CrossFit loving fool)

I can bear witness to his journey because he shares many of the steps he has taken to get to his goal on his Tumblr blog. He is a prime example of making a lifestyle change as opposed to just ‘dieting’ will literally transform you and your life. His dedication is awe-inspiring.

A huge congratulations to a great inspiration. Be sure to ‘stalk’ him if you get the chance (his words, not mine), you won’t regret it. 

Tumblr: Our Time To Change

Twitter: Jason Morrison

What I’m reading this morning

As I sit here sipping my morning cup o’ joe I have a few thoughts from articles that have come across my screen:

Do Nurses Eat Their Young? What’s Wrong With Communication in Health Care? | Musings on Health Communications and Health Advocacy.

I’ve been lucky enough to only be minimal witness to this behavior, and it was fleeting. This article makes me wonder if my lack of exposure has anything to do with my gender? Would it be different if I was a female nurse? Hmm.

I also have an aggressive personality stemming from my years as a high school athlete, retail manager and time serving my country as a Marine. Am I the one doing the bullying maybe?

Nurses and PTSD: Featuring an Interview with Dr. Bill Tollefson

Ironic how the two articles discuss two subjects that can be inter-related?

The article mentions most cases come from ER nurses, but I’d argue that we ICU nurses get our fair share of abuse. Once again I will argue that I have dodged this bullet because of my gender and quite honestly my stature. Being a man with a strong physique has probably stopped many ‘A-lister’ patients (if you know whatta mean) from verbally or physically attempting to abuse simply because I was a man or that I ‘looked’ like I could hold my own. Sad, but true.

I wonder how things would be if I was a female, or if I was 5’11” and only weighed 140lbs?

I have to admit, after reading the two articles briefly, I’m beginning to re-think my theory on being a male nurse. Hmm.