You Like Me….!

Sally Field – You Like Me, You Really, Really, Like Me – YouTube.

You like me, right now, you like me! It seems, for the moment, that I’m sharing the same feelings as good ole’ Sally back in 1984. Sure, I’m not accepting any real awards, but it seems as of late my readers are ‘liking’ what I’m doing.

For those of you who still pay attention to me out there on the internets, my weekly YouTube show, The Sean Dent Show, which is part of the Scrubs Beat channel is doing fairly well. I believe we’re almost 2 months into this adventure and the viewer interest is starting to gain some momentum.

If you remember, I share this weekly show with the already infamous Katie Duke (yes, THAT nurse from NY MED). I mentioned this new adventure previously here and here. Of course Katie would draw the crowd, I mean she’s pretty awesome to watch. But I never really thought people would be interested in watching me and what I have to say on video.

Here’s my latest video, where I talk about nurses “Getting a life”

Apparently I was wrong. Scrubs Beat is partnered with Scrubs Magazine. Yes, the very same folks I have been blogging with for the past five years. It seems that my blog readers are starting to watch me on YouTube and it’s continuing to gain momentum.

In response to my new-found popularity and in an effort to refine my interaction with my readers and viewers I created a separate ‘Fan Page’ on Facebook.



Yep. Me. A Fan Page on Facebook. (A public figure!…. sounds so important doesn’t it?)

Who would have thunk it?
Sean Dent

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I’m curious to see how this plays out?? I mean, really? Me? Measly ole’ small-time blogger. With a fan page now?

I don’t foresee me becoming some internet celebrity, but hey I might as well enjoy it while I can. If you’re on Facebook, and have any interest in what I’m doing…. can a guy get a like??

Hang on tight folks, this could be quite a ride.


My 'Ah-hah' moment becoming a nurse..

Everyone has it. Whether we know it or not. As nurses we have that ‘light bulb’ moment when it clicks. If we’re lucky it happens while we are still in school. For some it happens while we’re out there in the work force. And for some it happens when we stop looking for that ‘perfect job’.

It’s that moment when it’s no longer a ‘job’. When you can picture yourself doing whatever it is you’re doing for the rest of your career (or close to it).

For me it was critical care. It was my ICU clinical rotation in my diploma-nursing program. I remember vividly how cool, how comfortable, and how right it felt when I was sitting at my patient’s bedside, chatting with them while I was watching their ECG monitor, assessing their vital signs as I administered an IV push medication. (I was making sure they didn’t become hypotensive and/or become bradycardic)

I was baffled, amazed and completely engaged in the idea that what I was doing was so impactful to their well-being and their care. What I did mattered. What I did made a difference, in real time. It was measurable and titratable. The cause and effect of my actions was tangible on so many levels. (not to mention I got to use and utilize some pretty cool machines and gadgets)

This ‘Ah-hah’ moment was one of the two ‘things’ that I think can help you decide on a career path. Check out my thoughts over at Scrubs Beat this past week:

How to choose your specialty – Episode 10 – The Sean Dent Show – YouTube.

New events on the horizon. Did I mention I have my very own YouTube Show??

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!  We celebrated by taking a road trip to Chicago. Yours truly is finally taking his CrossFit Level 1 Certification course. Here are a couple pics from our road trip:

Hellooo Chicago!

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Hello from Chicago. 6+ hrs in the car. Time to stretch the legs.

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Other exciting news?

Oh, yeah… I have my very own YouTube show. Me and another nurse will have weekly videos featuring everything nursing. Real nurse. Real talk.

You may have heard or even seen this other nurse. Her name is Katie Duke. Ever heard of her? Ever heard of that reality TV series on ABC called NYMed?’

Yeah. She’s that nurse.


Our YouTube channel is called scrubsBeat. It may sound a bit familiar. This channel is partnered with the folks over at Scrubs Magazine, where I’ve been blogging for the past several years.

Here are some videos to get you started.

Here’s my premiere video:

And don’t forget to have a look-see at Katie’s video:

Be sure to visit our channel and subscribe!!!!!