I’m NOT giving up.

I refuse to let this damn cold beat me. I’ve determined it’s Viral due to the lack of colorful secretions (such the nurse), so I’m basically riding it out. Luckily I’m home for the weekend with nothing do to but rest.
So just as the doctor would order: rest and plenty of fluids.
I’m choosing to NOT exercise today against my better judgment. I’ve read and experienced both sides of that coin. I think exercising while your sick is a crap-shoot ~ no guarantees on how it will affect your wellness.

So this weekend I’m camping out in the house. Lots of computer time. Maybe a couple of movies. (We rented Eagle Eye)

Hope to see ya around the Internets.

Carpe Diem

Dear Virus

I know you have a tough job.

Yes, my wonderful immune system is as stubborn as it’s host. We’re  not going down without a fight.

It seems you and I keep having many battles during your stay within the confines of my system. Some hours of the day I feel ‘better’, in fact I’m borderline feeling ‘great’.

Then other times during my day  I feel as if there CANNOT be any more SNOT in my body that I need to blow out of my nose! The endless flow of secretions really becomes annoying. I also really hate how I feel like a ‘Bobble-head’ toy, or better yet I look like a newborn baby when I sit down… BECAUSE I’m having a REALLY difficult time keeping my head upright. Why does my head feel like a 500 lb medicine ball?

Dear Virus, can I ask you a favor?

Can you quit hopping down the middle of the road? Can you pick a side? Either give my immune system all you got, or GIVE UP.

I’d be happy if you would either just knock me down for the count. Put me out. I’d enjoy spending my days sleeping my illness away due to a lack of energy.

Or I’d be happy kicking the living shit out of you, so that I can move on with feeling normal again.

Please choose.

Thank You

Carpe Diem

Turn it OFF


The flood gates that is.

Better known as my sinuses.

It seems that my body is currently in the ‘over-production-mode’ of histamine. Some how I caught some ‘bug’ that is trying to get the best of my immune system.

Now, I KNOW I wash my hands. I do so diligently. I wash them so much I get the ‘splitting’ effect on most of my fingers.

But, some where along the way I slipped up. Those damn fomites got the best of me.

Now I am suffering through gravity dependent breathing, chapped nostrils, the lovely ‘sea-shell’ hearing effect, and of course the endless source of nasal drainage.

It’s absolutely amazing how much SNOT one human body can produce. This ‘bug’ has the key to the flood gates in my sinuses and now the ‘snot-faucet’ has been turned on and left wide open.

Could someone please turn the damn faucet off?

Seriously. Waiting


Carpe Diem