Every #nurse NEEDS a social media account


Social media is a powerful weapon tool. We have the ability to communicate and share information with others throughout the world without having to leave the comforts of our home.

As a professional, you can utilize this tool to augment your present and future career endeavors.

Where you exist at this moment is not where you will (necessarily) exist in 1 year, 5 years or ten years from now. You will most likely change jobs at least once in your career. Social media can help open up doors that you would not otherwise have discovered.

The caveat being, healthcare professionals using social media avenues WILL need to comply and abide by federal privacy laws (HIPAA).

I had a very engaging discussion on a Periscope broadcast about why I feel ALL Nurses should have a social media account (yes, I say social media account because it can be ANY of the social media platforms of your choosing).

This was a long one. The broadcast lasts over 45 minutes, so I hope you’ll watch a portion of it.


As a side note, this Periscope was mind blowing. I went from having 2-6 people part of my first few Periscope broadcasts to over 30 live participants at any given time during this one. Also a total of over 180 live viewers, and over 250 comments.

It was an amazing broadcast. I’m hoping to repeat that type of engagement again.

What topics would you like to hear for my next Periscope broadcast?


Friday Fun Fact


Millennials, or those born from 1982 through 2000, now make up more than a quarter of the U.S. population, exceeding Baby Boomers (1946-1964) for the first time.

-from U.S Census Bureau

This fun fact is an eye-opener in regards to population behavior and the paradigm shift in social habits, the market and of course just good ole’ fashion relationships. I mean you have noticed there are some changes goin’ on with how we as humans interact with each other haven’t you?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Photo courtesy of Gratisography




Life Lately: IRL Became More Important Than URL


Is this thing still on?

Yep. I’m still around. It’s been equal parts busy, personal choice and laziness. Most days I just haven’t had the time to sit down and blog. Other days when I did have some time away from IRL, I simply didn’t have the desire to type or post a blog entry. When my desire to blog became less and less, I became quite complacent and just down right lazy.

For the first time in 4+ years I didn’t have an additional agenda. I could simply live life. Earn a living (or at least try to) and enjoy the fruits of my labor with those I’ve neglected over the past 4+ years. I’ve been spending good quality time with my wife. I’ve tried to spend more time with my family, although the distance has become a challenge. And recently I’m spending some fun times with new friends that I’ve met in our new place of residence.

The transition from student Nurse Practitioner to Acute Care Nurse Practitioner-Certified (ACNP-BC) continues to be a long, educational and enlightening experience. I don’t think my wife and I were prepared for its Tsunami-like effect on our lives, both personally and professionally. You won’t hear me complain, it’s just been challenging at times.

My focus ever since this past school year has started was to graduate and pass my boards. I (including passing my comprehensive exam) accomplished both of those tasks, but had to ride a roller coaster of a journey along the way. I was offered an amazing job opportunity as my first job out of Graduate school, but it would take us 90+ miles away from where we were currently living.

Here have been the past 3.5 months for us:


  • Put our house (of 8 years) on the market to sell
  • finished last of my classes and clinicals
  • planned & arranged graduation activities
  • began packing the house
  • Entire month of April had an average of 2 showings a day for greater than 4 / 7 days of the week
  • each house showing we had to arrange for someone to be present and available
  • declined two separate offers on the house
  • began studying for my board exam


  • accepted an offer on the house
  • made numerous arrangements to iron out final financial terms as well as inspections and surveys on house
  • Graduated from Graduate school
  • continued to study for boards


  • final OK that offer and sale of house would be confirmed
  • signed final sale of house and had a 13 day turnaround to be completely moved out of our home of 8 years
  • spent almost a full month arranging our new home and settling in
  • got lost many, many times in our new city we called home
  • made additional long commutes home for holiday and birthday celebrations with family
  • traveled to future city of residence numerous times to look at possible places to live
  • signed lease to rent a town house
  • Had a medical emergency in the family that required immediate surgery
  • successfully moved to new home, but still were employed at old city of residence
  • both of us began commuting to work 90 miles one way 3+ days a week to work
  • continued to study for boards
  • took board exam last of the month and PASSED


  • realized almost too late that the process of gaining licensure as an ACNP in my state was not an automated process (unlike licensure as an RN)
  • jump through numerous hoops to streamline the licensure process as well as the credentialing process at my new soon-to-be employer
  • both of us continued the long commute
  • almost had to wait an additional 2-4 weeks to start new job due to paperwork and red-taped document logistics (whew)


  • successfully started the new job
  • the credentialing process continues with more paperwork, committee approvals and applications
  • my wife finally found and accepted a new job within our new area of residence

This is just a snap shot of my life recently. I can’t even begin to explain the financial strain this move created for us, but we’re getting by OK. Even after all of the roller-coastering, things are turning out pretty darn good.

Along the way I joined a real CrossFit box (gym), which has been an amazing experience (I still want to blog about that). Social media took the back burner. I had more important things to take care of.

Lastly, a good friend and fellow social media hound influenced my recent non-blogging actions. Dr. Mike Sevilla took a bit of a sabbatical from his on-line life. While he thought he was leaving permanently, he’s returned with some great insight on social media practices, thoughts on branding and just the general purpose and functionality of what social media is and how we horribly misuse, abuse and over-utilize its service(s).

His actions and words greatly influenced my lack of interest in blogging recently (not sure he knows that) as well as me taking a step back and really observing what the heck is going on out there.

I realized I didn’t like it much. And I realized I was part of the problem. I whole-heartedly agreed with Mike. There was far too much negativity, blaming, complaining and accusing out there. Everybody continues to pick sides, point fingers and just basically yell out there. I see and read little to no meaningful communication anymore.

I want to get back to enjoying the act of blogging, the concept of sharing and the pleasure of having some quality dialogue with those that want to have it.

In closing here’s been my life in pictures recently (still love my iPhone):


Let’s just see where this thing takes me.